Mike Tyson Names “The Greatest Fighter That Ever Lived”: Roberto Duran Or Muhammad Ali


Mike Tyson is busy training Francis Ngannou before he makes his professional debut against Tyson Fury but, ahead of that, the unlikely pair have taken time out to discuss their favourite fighters.

Tyson and Ngannou hooked up in the final few weeks before the former MMA heavyweight champion faces off against Fury under boxing rules for the first time. The 10-round fight takes place in Riyadh on October 6 and is a disappointment to many who want to see Fury take on more legitimate boxing challenges.


Much to the annoyance of the likes of MMA star Jon Jones, Cameroonian-French professional mixed martial artist Ngannou has referred to himself as ”the baddest man on the planet’ before now, which is a title more often reserved for Mike Tyson, who still holds the record for youngest-ever heavyweight champion of the world.


Speaking to Complex, the pair were asked to name their greatest ever fighter and Tyson weighed up his choices before giving the same answer he always has.


“I love Roberto Duran and Muhammad Ali. Ali is the greatest fighter that ever lived, I have to go with him, yeh.”

Ngannou had his own answer.

“I love Ali too, I love his story, I love Ali more for what he stands for, but my favourite boxer is Mike Tyson, all day long. I go with Mike Tyson.”


Tyson then had the last word.

“Thank you brother. Ali is the greatest.”

With just weeks to go until Ngannou faces Fury, it will be fascinating to see what Tyson has managed to teach his big-hitting charge and whether or not he responds to a recent call out from John Fury to fight on the undercard.


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