Tyson Fury Demolishes Deontay Wilder for Daring to Challenge Prime Mike Tyson: “Knock Me Out in 30 Seconds?!


Tyson Fury believes he won’t survive one round against Mike Tyson in their respective primes. Fury has established himself as one of the most successful heavyweight boxers of the modern generation. The Brit has faced some dangerous fighters and has beaten them with ease. Despite having a great legacy, the fighter doesn’t think he will be able to stand against a prime Mike Tyson.

During one of his past interviews, Fury was asked how the fight between him and Tyson would go if they fought each other in their prime. The ‘Gypsy King’ without missing a beat, confirmed that Tyson would probably knock him out in under thirty seconds.


He said: “Yeah, I think Mike Tyson would knock me out in about 30 seconds.” When the reporter briefed Fury about Deontay Wilder’s infamous claims about him beating Tyson easily, Fury mocked the fighter. “Wilder is a dreamer and I’m gonna punish him for even saying that about the great Mike Tyson.”

Fury mentioned that Deontay Wilder can only dream about defeating a prime Tyson and he would destroy him inside the ring for such claims. As expected, Fury did what he said and knocked out Wilder via KO in their trilogy fight.

Mike Tyson gets flabbergasted after hearing how Tyson Fury’s father John Fury named his son after him


It’s no secret that Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, was a great fan of Mike Tyson and watched Iron Mike throughout his professional boxing career. During a recent interview with Boxing Arabia, John and Mike Tyson had the opportunity to sit together and discuss life. John, from the start, was fanboying over Tyson and the respect between the two was quite visible.


“I said to my wife. The next son I have I’m calling him after this great champion,” John said while describing the story about his son. “The doctor said that he’s a pound in weight, he’s premature. He said ‘he might not make it through the night’….I looked at these doctors and I said hear these words. He’s not only gonna live, he’s gonna be nearly seven feet tall,20 stone and the next heavyweight champion of the world and he’s name is Tyson.”

John revealed how Tyson Fury was born prematurely, and despite all odds, he predicted that Fury would become a world champion. Tyson was extremely emotional during the interview and knowing the whole story was something he really appreciated in the interview.


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