Mike Tyson Says The One Person In History He Would Have Loved To Fight Was Achilles


Mike Tyson has faced and defeated incredible fighters during his tenure at the top of the boxing game.

So it’d be safe to assume he’d have a pretty epic list of boxing legends he would have loved to have gone toe-to-toe during his prime.

However, in typical Mike Tyson fashion, his potential dream opponent is a complete left field historical figure: the Greek legend himself, Achilles.

During an episode of his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike earlier this year, Ryan Garcia and Tyson discussed who the former boxer believed was the greatest fighter ever.

Garcia asked the Baddest Man On The Planet: “If there is anyone in history you would like to fight, who would that be?”


Of course, the current sixth-best active lightweight was expecting an answer consisting of one of the greatest fighters of all time.

The likes of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Sugar Ray Robinson come to mind.

But Tyson took the conversation down a different right.

Tyson replied: “Achilles.”

When queried about his answer, Tyson’s reasoning made sense, stating that the Greek god was ‘ as close to God as possible’.


Mike stated: “He’s the greatest warrior ever.”

Tyson went on to delve into his fascination with Roman Gladiators and his love of history.

Iron Mike then claimed he was planning on visiting Achilles’ tomb in Greece to pay respects to ‘the greatest warrior ever’.

Garcia followed this up by stating he’d love to join Mike on that expedition.

We’re sure Tyson vs Achilles would make a lot of pay-per-view sales as well, so in that sense certainly a fair choice.


Mike Tyson is certainly one of the most notable names in the history of boxing.

However, Bleacher Report only rated him at 46 on their all-time fighters list.

With fighters such as Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Floyd Mayweather Jr all ahead of him on the list, there were certainly some all-time options for Tyson to pick when it came to dream opponents.

However, Tyson’s answer makes the most sense coming from the man himself.


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