Jake Paul’s Ex Emulates Mike Tyson’s Legendary Face Tattoo


Tattoos hold a special place in people’s hearts, often representing their beliefs and conveying a message close to their hearts. In the realm of celebrities, we’ve witnessed numerous iconic tattoos that have left a lasting impact, even inspiring scenes in movies.

For instance, Bollywood featured a replication of Dwayne Johnson’s chest tattoo in a song, while Conor McGregor’s tattoos have become iconic in their own right, captivating fans worldwide. One of the most legendary tattoos is the face tattoo sported by Mike Tyson.

Recently, Ex of Jake Paul Julia Rose showcased her own version of Mike Tyson’s famous face tattoo on her Instagram account.


Jake Paul’s Ex Julia Rose Sported iconic Mike Tyson face tattoo

Julia Rose recently took to her Instagram to share a video in which she engaged in a bet with her father. Regrettably, luck was not on her side, and according to the bet’s rules, the defeated party had to wear a temporary face tattoo of the winner’s choosing. In this case, Julia found herself having to don a temporary face tattoo inspired by none other than Mike Tyson.

This marked Rose’s second defeat in a bet against her dad, as she had previously lost to him. On this particular occasion, the stakes were even higher, as the consequence of her loss required her to sport a Mike Tyson-inspired face tattoo.

This temporary tattoo was set to last for at least one week. While the bet was relatively safe, as it was only for a week, not everyone can confidently pull off a face tattoo. Surprisingly, Julia managed to carry it off quite well, and it suited her appearance.


Interestingly, Julia Rose seems to have had a change of heart about the tattoo. In an Instagram story, she expressed her satisfaction with it, describing the tattoo as “kind of hard.” This suggests that despite her initial disappointment, she has grown to like the tattoo over time.


The Story Behind The Iron Mike’s Iconic Tattoo

In a 2012 interview with Graham Bensinger, Mike Tyson discussed the story behind his face tattoo, saying, “I just thought it was a cool tattoo. I was going to get a bunch of hearts and stuff. That would have been really stupid. I was going to be the man of hearts, baby. I was very close. Victor Perez, the tattoo artist said ‘I ain’t doing that. I can’t do that’.”

He added, “Then I said ‘what do you think I should get? Because I was confused.’ Victor Perez is a good guy and said ‘come back in a couple of days I’m going to try and write up some stuff’. And I waited around like two three days later and then he called and said ‘Mike, I’ve got some tribal stuff’. I said ‘woah, put another one over there’. I was like ‘this is cool, I like this’. So he did it.”


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