Retired Mike Tyson’s Remarkable Blindfolded Dart Performance Leaves TV Host Speechless


Other than punching opponents in the face, Mike Tyson does have some other hidden talents. Not many are aware of his impressive talent for blindfolded dart-throwing. In 2013, Tyson showcased this unique skill when he participated in a blindfolded dart-throwing challenge on a Fox Sports program, surprising many with his accuracy.

During the event, Tyson was granted a total of three chances to throw darts. Astonishingly, on his initial attempt, he successfully struck the dartboard, but the true amazement came when, on his second and third tries, he remarkably hit the bull’s eye both times. This extraordinary feat left both the audience and the show hosts utterly astounded, and when Tyson removed his blindfold, revealing his success, it seemed almost implausible. Mike Tyson humorously quipped about his achievement, hilariously suggesting that he possessed the skills of a ‘Shaolin monk.’


Tyson stands as one of the most formidable heavyweight boxers in the history of the sport. His lightning-fast speed, unmatched ferocity, and overwhelming power displayed within the confines of the boxing ring instilled a deep sense of apprehension and intimidation in his adversaries.

Now in his fifties, Tyson is a legend with a huge audience that follows him for his wisdom. Fight fans have seen the fighter turn from an aggressive youngster to an enlightened man.

Mike Tyson reveals about being a fan of pro wrestling and how it impacted his boxing


Tyson was much more than a boxer and during his prime, he had an unmatched charisma about him. Tyson was feared not only by his opponents but also by normal people who saw him in real life.


Tyson created that persona because it came naturally to him but there were some influences too. In an episode of ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,‘ often dubbed ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet,’ the former boxing champion engaged in a conversation with WWE icon Ric Flair. In this episode, Tyson delved into the factors that shaped his distinctive persona in the world of boxing.

He said: “I’ve been a wrestling fan before I even thought about boxing, and that’s why when I’m on stage and I’m talking about the baddest man on the planet, I learned all that s*** from wrestling. How to brag and talk, Muhammad Ali did too. Life is about bulls***. Talking s***, you know. Because the guy that doesn’t talk, he’s just playing.”

According to Tyson, he used to watch pro wrestling before becoming a boxer and this shaped him to talk with confidence inside the ring. Watching wrestlers talk sh*t to each other helped him learn to say similar things to his opponents and create fear in their eyes.


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