Tyson Fury Feels Betrayed By Mike Tyson For Coaching Francis Ngannou Ahead Of Fight


It’s no secret whose name John Fury used to name his son Tyson, it was after the legendary American Heavyweight who became the most feared boxer ever. To this day, there is no other boxer who even got to his evel when he was at his peak.

All the more reason for Tyson Fury to be disappointed that one of his idols is currently training his next opponent. Ever since Francis Ngannou’s camp started, ‘Iron Mike’ has been coaching him and even became part of the trash talking against the British boxer leading up to the event in Saudi Arabia. We are all wondering how Tyson Fury feels about this and he just revealed it during a recent interview.


Mike Tyson reveals who he believes is the GOAT boxer in the world

It happened during a recent exchange with Sky Sports, Tyson Fury was asked how he felt about Mike Tyson coaching Francis Ngannou ahead of their mega Heavyweight fight. This is what Fury said: “I think that it’s sad, actually.

The man that I am named after, a legend, has to go against me and then come out as a loser, having lost to a man who was named after him. I think that it’s sad and I think that he should be in my corner, not the opposing corner, but business is business and I understand that it’s strictly business.


No matter what he teaches this fella [Ngannou], no matter how much boxing training he does, everyone has got a plan until they get punched in the face and I’m not sure who said that, but that is true. They’ve all got a plan until they get smacked in the mouth.”


There is growing concern about Tyson Fury’s preparation

Amid recent statements from John Fury during the Netflix reality show, there is growing concern about Tyson Fury’s preparation leading up to the fight. During the weigh ins, Tyson Fury appeared far more overweight than usual and strikingly similar to the time he was struggling with addiction.

While Francis Ngannou has always maintained himself in perfect shape and looking agile in training with Mike Tyson. Despite his obvious skill and boxing IQ, Tyson Fury keeps making experts doubts him due to his apparent lack of commitment to the sport.

Worrying about other aspects of his life when he is still a reigning champion and taking fights that are not against other pro boxers will make him lose that confidence from everybody.


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