What is the current reaction within the boxing world to John Fury’s call-out to Mike Tyson – Shame He Didn’t Get to Fight Tyson Fury


The boxing world is buzzing after a very bold request was made. John Fury, father of the WBC World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, has called out the legendary Mike Tyson. But why does Fury want to fight Tyson now? Didn’t both retire from the sport?

With a career in the late 80s and early 90s that lasted eight years, John Fury definitely knows his gloves. When he hung them up, his record stood at 8-4-1. But does it hold against ‘Iron Mike’? While Fury’s son, Tyson Fury, believes it’s a fair match, fans are not convinced.


Why does John Fury want to fight Mike Tyson?

Indeed, John Fury is eager to fight ‘Kid Dynamite’ but the reason is also quite fascinating. It is because fighting ‘Mike’ would be the iconic highlight of his life. John Fury had a surprisingly wholesome reasoning to share.

He said, “I did say to him in the podcast, me and you should do something and fight. You know what he said? ‘Yeah, I would love that’. When he said that to me, that is the highlight of my life. If I can get in the ring, punch-for-punch, whatever he wants to do if I get carried out or die on a stretcher, that is my life completed.”

His son, Tyson Fury, believes John Fury would wreck Mike Tyson in the ring. “My dad would beat him up,” is what Tyson Fury said. But fans have shared their verdict and ‘The Gypsy King’ may not be happy with it.


A fan started the conversation by highlighting the monetary gain for Fury. They wrote, “Translation: I want a big payday.” Then, another fan had a quite humorous input. According to them, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ will put him in his place. The comment read, “Ha ha iron Mike will hit him so hard he will think he’s good.”


Next, a fan warned Fury about fighting Mike. The fan wrote, “Don’t do it Tyson is a legend, shame he didn’t get to fight Tyson Fury all the cr*p going around with him at the moment would have been blow away and the real champ prevailed.”


Several fans were convinced Mike Tyson would be difficult for Fury to handle. After all, Tyson had a much longer and explosive career. Out of the 50 fights he won, 44 were through KOs. Several of those KOs were in the initial rounds of the fight, which cemented his legacy as a dangerous boxer. On the other hand, John Fury has been in 13 professional bouts.

Furthermore, another user questioned the integrity of boxing. The comment said, “Is this really where boxing is heading??”

A follower even sent best wishes to John because they felt he would need it. The comment read, “Good luck mate you’ll need it.”

With what John Fury recently said, it is clear he admires Mike Tyson. In fact, speaking about ‘Iron Mike’, Fury once said, “I love the guy, I named my son after him.” This is something Mike Tyson is aware of.


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