7 Years After Muhammad Ali’S Death, Mike Tyson Details What It’D Be Like To Fight Late Boxing Legend


Joined by UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal, Mike Tyson posed a thought-provoking, hypothetical situation about going 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali. Not just that—imagine Ali talking to you throughout the fight, sprinkling a dash of trash talk into the mix.

Now, what if Ali talks trash about your mother while punching your lights out? As outlandish as it sounds, Tyson and Masvidal dove deep into this discussion, revealing surprising takes on the psychology of fighting.


When Mike Tyson imagines a duel with Ali: More than just gloves talking!

Boxing, as many aficionados assert, is as much a battle of wits as it is of physical prowess. The space inside the ring isn’t just for punches; it’s also a stage for mental games, where words can be as stinging as a left hook. Now, when you have Mike Tyson, a titan of the boxing world, speculating on a hypothetical match with the great Muhammad Ali, you can expect some verbal jabs to fly.

During the HotBoxin’ episode, Tyson posed a tantalizing question. “When you fight [Muhammad] Ali,” he began, “be prepared to go 15. 15 rounds!” Masvidal, always game for a lively discussion, shot back, “And talking to you the whole time?” Tyson, with his characteristic grin, responded, “Yeah, talking sh*t about your mother.”


DJ Whoo Kid, ever the curious one, jumped in, asking, “Yeah, do you talk to whoever like there’s?” Masvidal, sharing insights from his MMA background, explained, “A couple people we you know because there is a grappling positions where you get it’s easier to talk.” Tyson, nodding in agreement, asserted, “I always talk to people. That’s part of fighting. Gotta talk s**t.” Masvidal concluded the segment with a knowing smile, “Getting your head a little extra, you know.”


It’s evident that the world of combat sports is more than just physical encounters. The mental aspect, underscored by candid exchanges like that between Tyson and Masvidal, adds depth and intricacy to every bout. The art of trash-talking, as explored by these two titans of their respective arenas, gives us a glimpse into the intricate interplay of mind and body within the ring.

So, as we revel in these fantasy matchups and delve into the nuances of the sport, one question beckons. How much do you believe words can influence the outcome of a fight?


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