Almost 10 Years After Witnessing Anderson Silva Fight, Mike Tyson Relives Horrific Incident at UFC 168


The man who had a knockout spree ongoing in most of his fights, Mike Tyson, still holds the wisdom behind the art of fighting even after 18 years of retirement. Tyson still trains every day and hones his skills in boxing. Well, besides boxing, it’s quite evident that Tyson also follows the MMA fights. Of late, Tyson divulged how the leg kicks are quite painful and dangerous in MMA. As a result, he recalled one of the most brutal fights in the history of MMA, where the repercussions of a leg kick could be witnessed.

Tyson spoke about the memorable fight with Anderson Silva in his recent podcast episode, where he got dropped because of the damage he inflicted on his shin bone. The episode guest, Jorge Masvidal also supported Tyson’s claims and helped him remember the details about the dreadful incident.


Tyson talks about the damage leg kicks can do

In the latest Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson episode, the co-host, DJ Whoo Kid, asked where it hurt more to get kicked, is it on the body or on the leg? To that, Masvidal stated that the body would hurt more, but a good leg kick could also make the opponent’s leg unresponsive for the entire fight. Kid, then, wanted to know why the legs don’t break despite being kicked so hard.

Here, Tyson interrupted and said, “They do sometimes. I’ve seen like break, I’ve seen somebody in UFC, trying to kicking and the guy put up the knee, and boom it breaks right in half.” Later, Masvidal shares the fact that this fight was the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. In the 2013 fight, just a minute and 15 seconds into the second round, Silva hit Weidman with a low kick, Weidman tried to check his kick, and his knee made direct contact with Silva’s shin.


The impact was so intense that it broke Silva’s bone in half. So, Tyson remembers this moment and reminds everybody of such an atrocious event. But, Silva grew out of that moment and even fought in a boxing fight against the YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul a year ago. Interestingly, Silva was prompted to take up the fight because of Mike Tyson’s last exhibition bout in 2020.


Anderson Silva felt inspired by Mike Tyson

Anderson Silva, who was then a 47-year-old retired MMA legend, took up the fight against the rising Influencer boxer, Jake Paul. Silva wanted to engrave his name in the history books, by doing the similar thing as Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. In an episode of Showtime All Access, Silva stated that if anybody wants to do something special, all they need to do is love their job immensely.

Moreover, Silva also said, “That is my whole vision about the success I make in my life. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. They are legend, old legends who continued to do something special. I am so happy because I am trying to do the same.” So his inspiration was the fight that brought Tyson back inside the ring and showed the ferocious power of his punches to the world once again.


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