Why Is Jake Paul’s Boxing Coach So Critical of Him? “The Person Who Don’t Know Sh*t About Boxing”


Salt Papi is an influencer in the boxing realm who enjoys clout like no one does. Late to the party of influencers venturing the combat sports, Papi has worked his way up the ladder sooner than anyone has. With a record of 4 fights in his career and 3 registering wins, Papi has marked his presence in the sport and made a place for himself amongst admirers.

While most enthusiasts recognize his groundbreaking leap in the sport, legends from the boxing realm have also joined the bandwagon. From Manny Pacquiao acknowledging the boxer to him becoming a revered name in boxing conversations, he’s navigated his journey with much panache. One such supporter is another influencer-turned-fighter, Logan Paul. While he understands the hype around Papi, his younger brother fails to do so.


Paul’s called out for his failure to see Salt Papi’s clout

In a recent conversation on ‘The Maverick’s’ podcast, Jake Paul raised some questions on the validity of Papi’s clout. Paul revealed that he did not understand what made the audience go gaga over the TikToker. He said, “It’s this like fickle audience again who mostly doesn’t know about fighting who you know sees salt Papi beat up some…” Logan at that point interjected to restrict his brother from hurling more slander at Papi.

However, making his case in the conversation, Jake explained that it was not about Papi but his fanbase.

He said, “This h as nothing to do with salt papi. This has to with people who hype him up to think he’s some god knowing that like…”


In a bid to find some middle ground in this negotiation, Maverick asked his brother if he thought Papi was a “demigod”. Still adamant about his opinion, Jake denied it. However, his denial to accept that Papi’s clout got him into trouble with the latter’s coach.

Taking offense at Paul’s statement and taking some verbal digs at ‘Problem Child’ was Salt Papi’s coach, Solomon. Separating Papi from other influencers who in his opinion know nothing about boxing, Solomon said, “Coming from the person who don’t know shit about boxing! Salt Papi is a fan favorite for a reason. His performances in the ring have caught attention from the boxing world because of the skill shown, not for clout.”

A transformation like none: Papi shocks the world

Salt Papi recently posted pictures of his body transformation that shocked his fans. Ever since he ventured into boxing in 2022, the fighter has lost almost a staggering 165 pounds.

The 5 feet 8 inches fighter has always fought at 180 pounds. However, since his debut in March last year, the fighter has undergone a transformation that explains his devotion to the sport.

Right now, his next matchup against Blueface seems to be uncertain given that the rapper was stabbed in the leg at his boxing gym. However, with the name he’s made for himself and a promising future that he envisions in the realm, it won’t be hard for Salt Papi to find a new opponent.


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