Days Before Alien Bodies Were Presented by Mexico, Mike Tyson Gave a Mind-Boggling Take on the Creation of World


In a universe where mysteries unfold unpredictably, Mike Tyson recently offered a perplexing insight on a popular podcast. Just days before Mexico stunned the world with the revelation of millennia-old ‘alien corpses’, the boxing legend delved into an abstract chat about the creation of the world. “Somebody got high and created this,” Tyson mused, leaving listeners at the edge of their seats.

But did his offbeat take foreshadow the extraterrestrial bombshell that followed? Tyson’s reflections, interwoven with the sensational discoveries in Mexico, raise eyebrows and challenge our understanding. As we grapple with the intertwining of terrestrial and extraterrestrial narratives, Tyson’s words echo eerily, urging us to question everything.


Mike Tyson and Antonio Brown disc uss life’s beginnings

The recent revelation by Mexico has taken the world by storm, as they unveiled 1,000-year-old ‘alien corpses’ encased in glass. Presented at Mexico’s Congress, these mummified specimens have ignited the passion and debate of UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike. In the historic city of Cusco, Peru, people say these beings harbor DNA that’s nearly one-third “unknown,” diverging from “our terrestrial evolution.”

Amidst this bewildering discovery, a riveting conversation from a podcast with Mike Tyson gains heightened significance. Mike Tyson, ever the deep thinker, pondered aloud, “You know what I believe? I believe somebody got high and created the world.” DJ Whoo Kid, quick to chime in, responded, “Exactly.” Tyson, further elaborating, said, “Someone got high and created this.”

As DJ Whoo Kid speculated about the “creative juices in the brain,” Tyson brought attention to their rise from adversity, “You don’t think sometimes, this n**ga come for me and you come for and we’re multi-millionaires everybody want to f**k us and be around us. We come from s**t.” Antonio Brown concluded, “We come from zero.”


Such candid reflections, juxtaposed with Mexico’s groundbreaking discovery, further paint a vivid picture. The discourse on creation, existence, and extraterrestrial life deepens, urging us to contemplate our universe’s myriad possibilities.

Mike Tyson’s ponderings on creation: A glimpse from his past Instagram post

Around 18 months ago, Mike Tyson shared a captivating image on his Instagram—a photograph capturing him allegedly smoking weed, eyes piercing the camera lens. The image evoked emotions, but the caption truly resonated with many. It read: “The world was created off someone getting high.”

This post, now seen in a new light, foreshadows his recent musings on the ‘Hotboxin with Mike Tyson’ podcast. It offers a glimpse into Tyson’s philosophical inclinations, suggesting a consistent line of thought on creation and the universe’s inception. Whether a jest, a genuine belief, or merely an observation, Tyson’s posts and words certainly ignite discussion.

In the intricate tapestry of life’s mysteries and the universe’s wonders, figures like Mike Tyson offer unexpected, profound insights. His contemplative musings, intertwined with the recent alien revelation in Mexico, further invite us to journey deeper into the enigma of existence.

And while we may never truly grasp the full scope of our universe’s intricacies, conversations like these nudge us closer to understanding. In the end, as we stand at the precipice of knowledge and discovery, one can’t help but wonder. What do you believe about our world’s creation? Are we alone, or do we imagine the truth to be far more complex than it is?


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