Fans React As $2 Million Worth Rapper Gives Mike Tyson His Flowers In Resurfaced Clip


Mike Tyson, the youngest heavyweight champion, is renowned for multifaceted persona. ‘Iron Mike’ leaves no stone unturned to mix with people from diverse backgrounds. However, this time, the name associated with ‘Kid Dynamite’ is quite unique. This is for more reasons than what appears on the surface. The famous figure Mike Tyson met is none other than DC Young Fly. The appearance is more intriguing because Fly hasn’t been showing up publicly. This is because of the tragic demise of his wife, Jackie Oh. However, seeing him with Mike in this resurfaced clip was like a breath of fresh air amidst all his personal chaos.

John Whitfield, also known as DC Young Fly, wears many hats. He’s an American internet personality, comedian, actor, host, rapper, and singer-songwriter. Moreover, he has a net worth of whooping $2 million. Furthermore, his “roasting sessions” on Instagram and Vine made him famous. He joined the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out in its 7th season. From 2017 to 2018, he hosted the revived TRL on MTV. Moreover, he also stars in the podcast “85 South Show.”


How did fans react to the meet up of Mike Tyson and DC Young Fly?

In the video that is making rounds on the internet, we see DC Young Fly giving flowers to Mike. Moreover, he shakes hands with him and says, “I love the man you are not what you became.” Thus, hinting at the fact that he lauds him as a great personality, which doesn’t necessarily include his stellar boxing career. Indeed, their meeting was one of a kind. Furthermore, fans were swift to react to this unique mashup.


Heralding the spree of opinions, a fan quipped about how perplexed Mike looked in the video. As he wrote, “Tyson confused af lol”

Then, another fan pointed out that DC looked petrified while greeting Tyson. The fan wrote, “DC was scared”

Furthermore, a follower made a quirky remark. He speculated how he felt high because to him DC’s appreciation of Mike appeared as two sentences with the same meaning. The follower said, “Am i high or is who you are and who you became the same lol fml.”

Next, a user made a comment about the hairstyle of the rapper. The user said, “Chico needs to cut the rest of his hair it’s gone bruh give it up”

Moreover, a fan added a cryptic statement mentioning the blend of two different genres in the picture. As the fan wrote, “Missoni on Mike.”

Mike Tyson and DC Young Fly’s meeting captivated fans. Their interaction was a rare sight, especially given Fly’s recent low profile. Fans had mixed reactions, but the buzz was undeniable. Tyson’s perplexed look and Fly’s nervous demeanor didn’t go unnoticed. Social media was ablaze with comments, from hair critiques to cryptic fashion notes. This unique pairing left an indelible mark, proving that when two worlds collide, the result is nothing short of fascinating.


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