Andrew Tate’s Brother Ropes In Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson to Defend Conor McGregor’s ‘Best Mate’ Against Critics


Trash talk has long been a prominent aspect of combat sports. Over the years, several athletes have used this tactic to attack their opponents mentally. However, there have been instances where some fighters have crossed the line by doing so. A recent example is the teammate of Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis. The BJJ black belt is going to fight the WWE star and YouTuber Logan Paul on 14th October in Manchester, England. In the lead-up he has been going after Logan’s fiance, Nina Agdal, bringing up her past relations and work.

Dillon Danis has received a lawsuit for his Twitter antics. There is a bracket of people who have also criticized him online. Surprisingly, Andrew Tate’s brother Tristan Tate has come to his defense on Twitter. ‘Talisman Tate’ says it is normal since even greats like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson did it.


Tristan Tate defends the Dillon Danis by comparing him with Mike Tyson & Muhammad Ali

Numerous individuals have become entangled in the controversy, as Danis engaged several celebrities while berating Agdal. It includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Ja Rule, LeBron James, and more. Furthermore, he even posted an NSFW image online. Thus, a section of the fans believe that he’s going too far with this.

The Tate brothers stay consistently active on social media. Keeping up with this persona, ‘Talisman Tate’ expressed his thoughts on the criticism of going too far while promoting a fight. He gave examples of how the likes of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson used verbal jabs against their opponents, through his recent Tweet. He wrote:

“For everybody talking about “going too far” when hyping a fight let’s remember. Muhammad Ali had his religion and name disrespected. Mike Tyson said he wanted to eat Lennox’s children. Ali called Frazier an Uncle Tom. Nobody sued. Posting images from Google? Get over it.“


Whilst the younger Tate brother has a valid point, it is important to notice that Ali never took things this far. The fighters following his generation like Tyson Fury, Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor, and Colby Covington have upped the trash-talk level.

The BJJ star Dillon Danis even claimed that his promotion strategy was inspired from his team mate and close friend Conor McGregor.


Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis’s friendship

The Irishman is considered as one of the best talkers in the combat sports and has used his mic skills to hype his fights and play minds games with his opponents. However, even he went overboard in the past by bringing in families during his trash talk against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier.

During an interview with Nelk Boys on the Full Send podcast, Dillon Danis revealed that his trash talk was inspired by McGregor mocking Nurmagomedov’s family. ‘El Jefe’ claimed that it was fair since he was doing it to sell the fight.

Danis has been a part of McGregor’s team since his UFC 202 fight against Nate Diaz back in 2016. Since then the duo have come a lot closer with Danis becoming ‘best mates’ with the Irishman.

Danis doesn’t seem to have taken the right approach given the backlash, but it remains to be seen how he does in the fight against Logan Paul.


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