A Tribute Fit for Legends: Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Amazes with Tyson and Hasbulla Homage


In a completely unhinged series of tributes, Muhammed Ali’s grandson Nico Ali Walsh leaves the internet completely ablaze. The heartwarming rendezvous that had fans cheering, legendary boxer Mike Tyson and the grandson of the iconic Muhammad Ali shared a moment of camaraderie. It captures the essence of their enduring friendship.

Mike Tyson, Nico and Hasbulla turn heads with their dapper quotient

The history behind this friendship dates back to last year when Tyson invited the young Ali to visit his pigeon-friendly home. It seems like things hit off for the duo from then on. The Instagram tribute was one that warmed spectators’ hearts and left fans wanting more.

This particular fan couldn’t get enough, and spurred the young boxer saying “Yasssssss CHAMP “

Another concurred, compliments roaring, “That’s my dawg!!!!!”


Another fan left this parody of a comment, based on the Russian media personality Hasbulla, who seems to be in the picture series as well. “Your son takes after you 🙂 cute little blue hat, my nephew has the same one.” Hasbulla is iconic and certainly deserves this tribute.

Amidst the praises and cheers, fans also celebrated the profound legacy of these boxing icons. One admirer aptly declared, “True GOAT on the 6th picture,” acknowledging the greatness captured of Mike Tyson in that frame. Mike is seen wearing a ridiculously fresh outfit, and fans love it.


Of course, the internet being the internet, sharp-eyed followers also noticed the finer details, “Can’t tell but is Mike holding a blunt? … lol.”

This heartwarming encounter reaffirmed the bond between Tyson and Ali’s grandson. Apart from this, it also reminded fans of the enduring spirit of friendship and camaraderie that transcends generations. Tyson used to be friends with Muhammad Ali before his passing.


Since his death, Nico Ali Walsh has been adamant about following in his legendary grandfather’s footsteps. He has been striving towards upholding Ali’s boxing legacy. According to The New York Post, his “Poppy” inspired him, he wore his grandfather’s white Everlast shorts that were passed down to him at his pro debut in 2021. The uncanny friendship between Tyson and Ali Walsh seems easy.

In a world often filled with complexities, this simple yet powerful moment between two legends and their families stands as a beacon of positivity and unity. Indeed, the legend persists vibrantly for fans and enthusiasts, not confined merely to the pages of boxing history but thriving profoundly in the hearts of those individuals who persistently draw inspiration from these remarkable figures.


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