Jamie Foxx Suggests Mike Tyson and Jon Jones Endured Unimaginable Trials as ‘Baddest Men Alive’


Bradley Cooper’s The Hangover shows a group of friends going through a wild ride in Las Vegas. Among many of their escapades, the most hilarious is their breaking into Mike Tyson’s tiger’s case and sneaking it into their room.

It’s interesting that in that sequence, Tyson emerged as the most composed and calculated individual, with Phil, Stu, and Alan out of their senses because they couldn’t handle their drinks and roofies. In real life, during his younger days, Tyson was perhaps the epitome of wild.

As his career progressed, Tyson cemented himself among the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, but at the same time, he was also labeled The Baddest Man on the Planet. With Tyson, it’s seldom been one or the other. And many believe this is what makes him who he is.


What Jamie Foxx Said About Mike Tyson Being the Baddest Man on the Planet

Known for his relentless and aggressive style, Mike Tyson won six heavyweight belts throughout his career, and one would find many traditional boxing fans absolutely gushing over his antics in the ring during his peak days. But one would also find many stories about his exploits out of the ring, including his time in prison in the early 90s.

Accordingly, whenever there’s a debate about Tyson’s greatness, fans find themselves at a crossroads and confused about what part of his life they should highlight when waxing lyrical about his achievements. In that regard, Jamie Foxx interestingly summed up his thoughts on the controversial boxer.


In 2017, he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and during a discussion about ‘greatest light heavyweight of all time’ Jon Jonas being a wild ‘motherf-cker’ the Baby Driver actor talked about how that side is also a part of what makes these guys, including Tyson, so good against their rivals.


“You can’t have that type of talent in that area and not have this. Jon Jones can’t. You can’t drink milk and almost kill somebody,” Foxx said on Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan added: “That’s got to be something about you that’s out of control. Impulsive, wild, dangerous, and that’s what makes him so great.”

Foxx continued: “When there’s absolute light there has to be absolute darkness to balance it out and that’s with everything we do. Anything that happens to you in life, you have to pay for it.”

During the same answer, Foxx also mentioned a hilarious story about Tyson, that once again included him not thinking too much and spending his money in an untamed manner. But the 57-year-old, in his typical style, disagreed with the details of the story.

How Mike Tyson Reacted to Jamie Foxx’s Story About Him Gifting BMWs

Among Tyson’s many wild antics, one was his penchant to give lavish gifts to girls. The actor shed light on how the famous fighter used to walk up to young ladies and ask them if they’d like a BMW. “He’d take the girls out and go get a BMW,” Foxx said while imitating Tyson.

On a separate podcast (You Already Know), one of the hosts narrated Foxx’s story to Tyson, to which he replied:

“I have never bought a b**ch a bimmer (BMW). Maybe it Benz in certain a Porsche, a Ferrari.”

That sums up Tyson’s personality. He was so rich and so reckless at one point that even gifting BMW seemed like a mediocre gesture to him.


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