14 Years and A Father’s Love Beyond Time: Mike Tyson’s Remarkable $160 Million Tribute to His Late Daughter


Many people dream of sharing high-quality cannabis with the legendary Mike Tyson. But for Adam Wilks, it’s just a typical Sunday. As you all know, Adam runs Kid Dynamite’s cannabis empire, Tyson 2.0. He’s a big player in the cannabis world. Furthermore, he has helped grow Iron Mike’s brand by entering new markets and making intelligent partnerships.

Not only this, Wilks has also restored Tyson’s reputation in the cannabis industry after some public setbacks with Tyson Ranch. There’s no doubt that in business, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, his business ventures will approximately make a staggering $160 million in revenue. So, recently, our EssentiallySports Team interviewed Tyson’s business partner, Wilks. In this exclusive interview, a particular topic that piqued fans’ interest was an intriguing business venture that pays an ode to Iron Mike’s late daughter.


The deep emotional connection behind Mike Tyson’s ‘Exodus’ cannabis venture

It’s no news that Tyson 2.0 has just acquired a majority stake in Ric Flair Drip, Inc., paving the way for a new celebrity cannabis line. So, while discussing all about their new products, Wilks started talking about his venture, ‘Exodus.’ This was Tyson’s late daughter’s name, who passed away at the tender age of four. Adam Wilks told that they chose the name when Mike saw a plant that amazed him. ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ called it the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. He wanted to name the strain Exodus. That’s how the Exodus strain came to be.

As Wilks told ES Fancast, “And one of the real special ones, which was named after Mike’s daughter who passed away at a young age, was our Exodus strain. So, why name it Exodus? We walked into this grove, and Mike saw this plant and was blown away. He said, ‘That’s the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen.’ And with that said, Mike just said, ‘This is beautiful; the flower’s just beautiful. I wanna name it Exodus.’ So that’s how the whole development of Exodus came from.”


The loss of his daughter was indeed a moving incident of Mike’s life. Moreover, he has even admitted that this mishappening has transformed him.


How losing his daughter humbled ‘Iron Mike’

Mike Tyson discussed the loss of his daughter on his podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson”. He talks with comedian Cedric The Entertainer about how this tragedy deeply affected him. In 2009, his daughter Exodus died in a treadmill accident. Her brother found her and they rushed her to the hospital, but she didn’t survive.

Tyson says neither money nor fame can lessen the pain of such a loss. He feels this experience humbled him more than his six-year prison sentence in 1992 did. Furthermore, he also admits he hasn’t recovered from losing his daughter. As Mike said, “When I lost my daughter, that humbled me. How much money you got…How much fame you got? You gotta deal with that.”

All in all, Adam Wilks isn’t just a business partner to Mike Tyson; he’s a key player in a venture that touches the heart. The ‘Exodus’ strain isn’t just another product; it’s a tribute to a life cut short and a father’s enduring love. This venture shows that even in the tough world of business, there’s room for deep emotional connections. It’s not just about profit; it’s about legacy, love, and the human side of icons like Mike Tyson.


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