Here’S Everything About Tyson Fury And Tommy Fury’S Sister Who Died Three Days After Birth?


The Fury family has established a stronghold in the sport of boxing. John Fury is the reason, the family could make a living in the world of boxing. He’s made sure to train his children in the sport and even named his first boy after his favorite heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson.

John Fury loves all his children and wishes them to be healthy and strong. He still gets involved in their training and gives them tips here and there. Interestingly, the Fury bloodline has been male-dominated, but very few know that John Fury also had a daughter after he had his eldest son, Tyson Fury. But she, unfortunately, left the earth too soon. What happened to her?


Who is Tyson Fury’s sister, the late Ramona Fury?

Ramona Fury was the only daughter born to John Fury. She was the daughter of John Fury and his wife at the time, Amber Fury. 11 years after the birth of Tyson Fury on December 23, 1997, Ramona opened her eyes to this world. Unfortunately, just after three days, on December 26, 1997, she passed away.

The cause of her death is unknown, and the Fury family restrains themselves from talking about this matter much. Before this, John Fury and Amber Fury had gone through a total of fourteen pregnancies, out of which only four could survive. Ramona couldn’t live more than 3 days, otherwise, the world could have possibly witnessed a female boxer, hailing from the Fury family. However, this is only speculation as most of the members of the Fury family are involved in boxing.


However, besides Tyson Fury, who else is involved in the business of pugilism from the Fury family?


Tyson Fury siblings

The Fury family has successfully produced nine professional boxers from their family. Starting with John Fury, who was the first to plant the seed of the sport in the family. ‘Big’ John’s brother Peter Fury, also tried his hand at professional boxing but gave up after his first and last loss in the sport. Then came the scion of the Furies, Tyson Fury, who went on to become the undefeated WBC World heavyweight champion.

John Fury has another son, Tommy Fury, who also holds a zero-loss record in the Cruiserweight division. He also made headlines for putting down the renowned Youtuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul for the first time in his career.

There’s Roman Fury, who recently made his professional debut in 2022, and since won both of his fights, thus becoming the fresh 2-0 boxer. Additionally, Tyson Fury’s cousins have also taken forward the mantle of the Fury name. These members include Hughie Fury, Nathan Gorman, Hosea Burton, and Andy Lee. So, it’s a large family with most of them putting on boxing gloves to carry forward the fighting legacy.

So, the Furies are currently the biggest entourage in British boxing. Just like the Mayweather family in America, the Fury Family is expanding their presence with every new family member showing interest in the sport.


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