Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Reveals His Most High-Pressured Fight


The former world heavyweight champion has shared the ring with some of the best in his era.

Boxing legend and former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been involved in some huge matchups at heavyweight.


Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis are just some of the names that have shared the ring with Tyson, therefore fans would expect the 57-year-old to name one of these as the contest where he felt the highest pressure.

However, when speaking to the Daily Mail, Tyson revealed that it was his first world title fight against Trevor Berbick where he has felt the most pressure during his c areer.


“The first time that I fought for the title, against Trevor Berbick. There was a massive amount of pressure on me but then I realised ‘pressure is a privilege’, not many people ever have that in their life and they may live to be ninety,” Tyson said.


“So I look at it as a privilege to be under that kind of pressure and to perform great under it as well.”

Tyson and Berbick went head-to-head for the WBC world heavyweight title in 1986 and it was a fight which Tyson won with a second round stoppage, and as a result was crowned the youngest world heavyweight champion at an age of 20 years and four months which is a record that still stands to this day.


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