Mysterious Connection: The Shocking Encounter Between Mike Tyson and 2Pac’s Accused Killer


Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis, the man recently arrested in connection with the murder iconic hip hop star Tupac Shakur, sent a chilling message to Mike Tyson after the heavyweight boxing legend said he wanted five seconds alone with the suspected killer.

Shakur was murdered on September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas after being shot four times during a drive-by shooting. The incident took place shortly after Shakur had gotten into an altercation with Orlando Anderson, the nephew of Davis, following Mike Tyson’s boxing match with Bruce Sheldon at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Police now believe that Shakur’s murder was carried out by ‘Keefe D’ in retaliation more than two decades later.


Understandably still distraught over the incident that took the legendary rapper’s life, Mike Tyson made his feelings very clear when he wished for an opportunity to spend five seconds alone with Davis.

Addressing Tyson’s comments in an interview with The Art of Dialogue on YouTube, ‘Keefe D’ delivered a word of warning to the former unified heavyweight world champion.

“I only need one second with you, dude,” Davis said while mimicking the motion of pulling a trigger with his finger. “You better leave me the f*ck alone and keep boxing. You’re a boxer. You guys not in no f*cking gangs. All of the sudden ya’ll want to be killers now. Knock it the f*ck off. You’re a boxer.



“I seen him at the mall. At a fashion show out here in Vegas. It was about 15 deep and this big crip dude named Jerome Williams, one of his bodyguards… I went the other way just to keep the front function down becaues I know Jerome woulda been like, ‘Keefe D, what up my n*gga?!’ But Mike Tyson used to hang with Zip. I’m that same dude that came over there in the Jordan Downs housing projects on the four-wheelers to meet you and Zip on the four-wheelers. You had on your overalls. I’m the same dude, dude.

“Dude act like you don’t know me. You don’t want to lose your f*cking life behind no bullsh*t, you know what I’m saying? Mike, leave that sh*t alone dude. Keep on boxing. More power to you, bro.

Three other men were inside the vehicle that fired on Tupac Shakur that fateful night. All of them have since passed away, leaving ‘Keefe D’ as the only individual to face charges.


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