Inside the Chaos: Ranking the Wildest Moments from KSI, Tyson Fury, and Mike Tyson Press Conferences


There have been some wild moments in boxing history but not all of them have taken place in the ring, with some having happened before the fighting even unfolds. Press conferences are seen as a way to promote the fight whether they are on the final week leading up to the encounter, or nowadays to launch the fight several months before the real action comes to the fore.

Some of boxing’s biggest names have been caught up in melees, angry face-offs and verbal insults during their time including some legends of the game including Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali but also some faces of modern boxing including Derek Chisora, KSI and Tyson Fury. We have put together a list of the ten wildest press events to have ever taken place over the years in the sport of boxing.


Tyson Fury v Wladimir Klitschko

Although a brawl did not erupt, Fury is considered one of the biggest entertainers in the sport’s history, and at this press conference he did exactly that capturing the imagination of the globe. In typical fashion from the ‘Gypsy King’ he decided to bring a costume to the event, and rocked up to the media event dressed in a full Batman costume including the mask while driving a yellow Lamborghini supercar.

This brought great amusement to the British fans and the boxing media who attended the event, but it was far from over as during the event his cousin Hughie decided to burst in dressed as Batman’s companion Robin. In a hilarious incident, Fury decided to wrestle his cousin to the ground by leaping over the table in a play fight in some of the most incredible viewing. This foreshadowed one of the biggest performances from Fury who dethroned Wladimir Klitschko, and set a trend for costumes.

Riddick Bowe v Larry Donald

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe has made some questionable choices outside the ring during his career, and this crazy press conference moment certainly ranks up there as one of them. In Los Angeles, five days before the event, Bowe came face-to-face with his rival and decided to start the fight early having ran up to his rival and landed an unprovoked combination flush.

The one-two was as good as anything you’d see in the ring, Donald did extremely well to stay on his feet however and looked incensed back at his rival and went to move forward. However, given the proximity of the pair, many were able to dive in the way, but it was a truly remarkable moment given how they had shared a podium and were talking to fans about the clash. Bowe revealed later that he had taken the course of action after being angered by his trash talk, and we, for us, wouldn’t mess with the heavyweight.

Bernard Hopkins v Felix Trinidad

In perhaps one of the most universally incredible moments in boxing press conference history, it wasn’t Hopkins and Trinidad who were the only ones involved in some chaotic scenes. Hopkins was in home territory in New York, or so he thought, and he decided to try and gain an edge during the face-off by picking up the Puerto Rican flag and throwing it to the floor in a huge sign of disrespect to Trinidad and his compatriot. The fans responded in the exact way to Trinidad and things took a sharp turn for the worse.

The Puerto Rican who was angered by the move and began shoving towards his rival, but the real problem came from a wave of Puerto Rican fans in the crowd who began rioting and charging towards Hopkins. They began throwing any objects they could get their hands on including bottles, seats and more in a real dangerous moment for the American who realised he was in big trouble. He managed to duck out and escape, but it really was pure carnage.


Larry Holmes v Trevor Berbick

Holmes had just beaten Tim Anderson in his heavyweight return and was attending a post-fight press conference which also happened to invite the presence of Berbick. Naturally questions came up surrounding a sequel of their clash, to which prompted a response from the incredible jabmaster against his rival’s attitude. Things then took a personal turn, as Berbick accused his rival of having a mistress which prompted a physical confrontation.


Incredibly the pair scuffled which was broken up shortly after by some police officers, but that certainly wasn’t the end of it. As the accuser ranted to the camera about the events that took place, Holmes appeared and dive from the roof of a car on to a series of reporters and officers who had broken up the previous argument. It was nothing short of incredible and is a real core memory for many boxing fans of the generation in the heavyweight division.

KSI v Tommy Fury / Logan Paul v Dillon Danis – launch

The most crazy scenes to have ever the new rising space of influencer boxing, KSI and Fury were joined by Paul and Danis for a press event to promote their announced fights which took place with fans along a long table. They were separated into pairs and carnage was promised from the start with the main event stars first to go for each other and be kept apart by security. Paul then brought in a birthday cake for Danis, which then ended up being used as a prop to throw by everyone on stage.

This was at which point the heat just couldn’t go on any longer, and Fury’s father John decided to smash up the entire set first kicking over the table next to him before flipping over two more tables. He then advanced towards KSI who was bundled from the set. The pair were then brought back together for a face-off at which point they shoved and pushed, before Fury Sr again charged towards ‘The Nightmare’ but was prevented from doing any serious damage.

Mike Tyson v Lennox Lewis

Getting the edge perhaps because of the magnitude of the fight, heavyweight giants Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis met in a heavyweight clash which had sparked huge interest due to the historic antics of both at a memorable press conference. The Canadian-born Brit was brought first on stage before ‘Iron’ decided to march forward with his army of team as things quickly became heated. However, it was what to follow which simply cannot be forgotten for boxing fans.

Tyson decided to launch one of his trademark wild attacks and swung a huge punch aimed for Lewis which actually hit a member of his team. This sparked a wild brawl on stage between the two teams which took ages to get under control, with incredibly western music playing in the background which appeared to literally sum up proceedings. To finish things off, the legend then went on a foul-mouthed rant aimed at a reporter and Lewis, and it really is an iconic sequence.


David Haye v Derek Chisora

A press conference and fight that hardly needs remembering and explaining, events between Haye and Chisora need to be seen to be believed with arguably the most wild fight build-up of all-time. A post-fight press conference was held in Germany after David Haye lost to Vitali Klitschko and things between the pair immediately kicked off.

Haye dropped his opponent to the floor with a crisp combination after he charged towards him and things turned instantly wild as the brawl even continued outside after the event. Haye was sought after to be arrest for his actions which he intended to be self-defence, and the build-up to their eventual fight seemed to be in the same incredible way. The ‘Hayemaker’ did eventually settle their rivalry, and the pair have even become friends since with Haye even training his former British rival.


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