John Fury’s Bold Challenge: Willing to Face Mike Tyson on Short Notice in Prime Time Showdown


In a recent interview with Seconds Out, John Fury declared he would fight Mike Tyson if he was paid well. Likewise, he requested the people in Saudi Arabia to organize the fight. Besides expressing his interest in entertaining the public, the father of ‘The Gypsy King’ stated he cared little about getting knocked out.

While Mike Tyson did not pay heed, John Fury recently ran into an unprecedented altercation with Greg Paul ahead of KSI vs. Tommy Fury. At this, just when the boxing world thought John found a new opponent, the 59-year-old reiterated his interest in ‘Kid Dynamite’. However, since he hasn’t heard from Mike, Fury also claimed why Tyson might be avoiding him.


Although he desires ‘Iron,’ John Fury fears Mike Tyson no longer wants “the game”

In his recent interaction with Mail Sport, the 59-year-old reiterated his desire to face Mike Tyson, branding the latter the only individual he is still interested in. According to Fury, there is simply no one else worth making his return against other than the former Heavyweight champion of the world. “There’s only one man I’m interested in. There’s no one else. If it’s not Mike Tyson, I’m not interested,” announced John Fury.


In his opinion, even ‘Kid Dynamite’ understands that John Fury wants to face him. However, since Tyson hasn’t yet entertained the idea, the father of ‘The Gypsy King’ believes Tyson no longer has a love for fighting. “I’d fight him at the drop of a hat and he knows it. I’m not going to keep banging on about it. Maybe he just doesn’t want the game anymore,” he stated. In this context, John also touched upon a dream he wants to fulfil at this present stage of life.



Fury hopes to fulfil a dream

Like many, John Fury has always been a fan of Mike Tyson’s boxing. Likewise, he even named his elder son Tyson. According to John, at this stage of life, there is only one dream which is to exchange blows with the same man “I named my son after“.

In this context, although John understands that he would be “endangering my life,” in an unrealistic claim, the 59-year-old stated he would fight Mike Tyson without training camps. “I don’t need training camps and weeks to get fit, I’m ready to go,” told John who challenged Greg Paul.


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