With Canelo Alvarez Demand, Mike Tyson’S ‘Mexican Monster’ David Benavidez Declares He’S Ready “For The Best Demetrius Andrade”


For WBC Interim Middleweight champion David Benavidez, the current aim is to “get the titles“. However, in Benavidez’s opinion, “the only thing” that is keeping him away from achieving this goal is Canelo Alvarez. Likewise, in a recent interview ahead of the Demetrius Andrade fight, ‘Red Flag’ demanded Alvarez be stripped of his WBC Super Middleweight title if he continued refusing Benavidez.

Although the 26-year-old is upset about Canelo, he announced he was excited to fight Andrade on November 25th. In this context, besides praising Andrade as a fighter, ‘Red Flag’ stated he was absolutely prepared for the former WBO Middleweight champion. And looking forward to yet another “master pay-per-view” event, here is what Benavidez said.


Detailed analysis: David Benavidez expects Demetrius Andrade to bring “a lot of tricks”

According to Benavidez, Andrade is “a slick fighter” who will bring the best out of ‘Red Flag’. Likewise, the 26-year-old assured his fans that he is “working extremely hard” for ‘Boo Boo’. In his recent interaction with FightHype, Benavidez said, “These are the types of fights that motivate me. Demetrius Andrade is a slick fighter. He’s got a lot of tricks in his bags. Like I said, he’s going to bring the best out of me. And I’m ready to go in there”.


Given the fact that Andrade is the type of fighter that motivates Benavidez, the latter is also approaching the upcoming fight like a scholar. As a result, Benavidez even offered a detailed analysis of Andrade’s boxing. “I know what’s at the table, I know what I’m getting ready for. He moves around a lot, throws a lot of good combinations, throws good uppercuts, and throws good looping overhand lefts,” Mike Tyson’s Mexican Monster added. In this context, on being informed that a number of people including Canelo Alvarez feel Benavidez vs. Andrade is a 50/50 fight, ‘Red Flag’ announced he was “ready for whatever comes my way“.

Benavidez gives Andrade his due credit

Despite being confident in his own abilities, Benavidez admitted that Andrade is “ranked three or four for a reason“. “He’s an ex-champion. He’s the top contender in this,” ‘Red Flag’ said.

And while people may think it’s a 50/50 fight, Benavidez announced he is not scared. “So if people say it’s 50/50, it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t scare me because I know all my fights. So I’m ready for whatever,” he concluded.


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