Boxing Fans Blast Anthony Joshua As He Alludes To Mike Tyson’S Life: “Think Before You Open Your Month”


In a recent event, Anthony Joshua ahead of his fight with Jermaine Franklin made a major Mike Tyson revelation. In detail, the British boxer spoke about Tyson’s mindset and how the same changed his narrative.

According to Joshua, who had a meltdown after his 2nd loss to Usyk, “If you apply yourself to something, you can do anything.” However, here is what Mike Tyson did to him.

According to Joshua, it was Mike Tyson who got him into boxing. In Joshua’s opinion, Tyson was “a robber and a troublesome kid up until the age of 13.” Given Tyson’s life circumstances, Joshua felt Tyson was “penciled on to going to jail or ending up dead.”

However, ‘AJ’ believes Tyson changed his mindset. “He managed to become the Heavyweight champion of the world. He ended up changing his narrative due to determination and became the youngest champion ever,” Joshua added by saying. These comments have enraged a number of Tyson fans.



According to a user named Craig Dobbins, Joshua “should be focusing on the fight not trying to talk rubbish.” Likewise, another user by the name of Darron Green said, “F**king idiot, think before you open your mouth“. Meanwhile, David Mills wrote, “Is he still taking shite?”

Meanwhile, some fans also expressed their support to the former Heavyweight champ. User Bon Jas added, “Very true to the latter“.

Lastlly, according to Colin O’Brien, “The words that he didn’t mention were Cus D’mato“. Joshua will face Franklin on the 1st of April in an attempt to achieve a crucial win and simultaneously revive his boxing journey.
What is your expectation from ‘AJ’ vs. Franklin?


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