Mike Tyson Eating ‘Deadly’ Upper Cut in Forgotten Video Leaves Shaquille O’Neal & Boxing World Floored


Shaquille O’Neal shares a video of Mike Tyson eating a clean uppercut
A video of their second bout recently made rounds on the internet. In the video, Ruddock can be seen landing a clean uppercut with Tyson not budging from his spot.

Ruddock then tried to land another punch which Tyson dodges and counters with a left hook sending Ruddock to the canvas.

Fans react to Tyson vs Ruddock
One fan analyzed Ruddock’s facial expression realizing Tyson didn’t go down with his best shot. “The smile that said, I hit him with everything I had and Still Got Dropped!” he wrote.

Another fan claimed that Ruddock broke his jaw and ribs in the fight. “Ruddock got a broken jaw and broken ribs from that fight,” he wrote. Moreover, a fan even touted Tyson as the best ever, praising his chin and power. “Tyson ate those punches and then rocked him always will be the G.O.A.T,” he wrote.


A fan claimed that the commentators were excited at Ruddock’s left uppercut until Tyson dropped him. “Commentator got excited about Ruddock’s left…until Tyson threw his left!” he wrote.

One fan even tried to portray what Ruddock might have been thinking after being hit. “Ruddock was like ‘Where the f*ck did that come from..’” he wrote.

The fans were certainly impressed by Tyson’s chin and technique, including Ruddock, who was flabbergasted after facing ‘Iron Mike’. Moreover, this proved that Tyson was more than just a power puncher and used technique and accuracy to beat his opponents. He indeed had a chin harder than many elite boxers.


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