Blue Boy Reveals How Mike Tyson Punished a Counselor With a Hammer in Prison


One of the greatest heavyweights of all time, Mike Tyson, is a big success story around the globe. But his upbringing has been through many hardships. However, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ channelized the anger of impoverishment and paved the way to become the youngest champion of the heavyweight division.

The 55-year-old’s friend named Blue Boy came on camera who he met in the Juvenile detention center. He is still in touch with Tyson. In that interview, Blue Boy recalled the ‘Kid Dynamite’ of old days, when both were on trial. He said Mike Tyson was keen on lacing gloves in the detention center.

But it was in this detention center, where his skills were recognized by a counselor named Bob Stewart.

What did Blue Boy say further about the counselor and Mike Tyson?
According to an old friend of ‘Iron’ Mike, Bob Stewart was the man who used to spar with the latter in the detention center. But once Tyson shocked everyone with his lethal power. He thrashed the counselor, and the latter got cut over his eye.


Blue Boy said, “yeah he was listening. He had a fight with a counselor named Bob Stewart, he used to be a professional boxer but his eye. He caught a bad cut over his eye and that messed him up. They couldn’t box no more… And Mike one time hit him with a hammer and put him on his knees. You know that was like classic.”

So when ‘Kid Dynamite’ had nobody to box, he used to bring gloves to his mates during trials to persuade them to spar with him. However, in the need of a partner, he even tried to teach them how to box.

This shows that ‘Kid Dynamite’ was always been inclined towards boxing, since his childhood. Which took him to the pinnacle of fame and leave an immortal legacy. He retired with a professional boxing record of 50-6 (44 T/KO).


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