Boxing Promoter Frank Warren Gives Scathing Assessment Of ‘Manipulative Bully’ Mike Tyson’S Career And Personality


Hall of Fame boxing promoter Frank Warren has revealed his true feelings about ring legend Mike Tyson, who infamously punched him 22 years ago.

During his first visit to Britain, Tyson racked up a jewellery bill worth £1.5-£2million that became a point of contention between the heavyweight icon and the man putting on his fights.

When ‘Iron Mike’ returned to UK shores later in the year, he invited Warren to his hotel room, and it soon became clear he was angry that the promoter had gotten involved in his business with the jewellery store.

Tyson punched Warren, dropping him to the floor and bursting a blood vessel in his eye.

The now-70-year-old refused to contact the police after the assault but has since insisted he ‘made sure that he [Tyson] paid for what he did.’

As of late, the 56-year-old fight legend has been at odds with streaming giant Hulu.

The company has recently released a series about his life without consulting or compensating him.


Two decades later, Warren has made his feelings about Tyson clear amid his ongoing battle with Hulu
Tyson has reacted to the new TV series with a slew of angry social media posts and has been backed by a lot of fans who agree he has been unfairly treated but not everyone is in his corner.


“He is a terrible manipulative bully. Every fighter that’s beaten him, he couldn’t intimidate. Everyone who he’s beaten, he could intimidate. If he can’t intimidate you, that’s a killer for him,” Warren recently told The Guardian.

“He is a compelling character, and he’s one of those fellas who gets you to feel that he’s misunderstood but, when you get into it, he is what he is, which is a thug and a bully and a misogynist. He’s very homophobic when he’s cursing somebody or he’s shouting at them.

“He was an unbelievably exciting fighter – menacing, devastating – but that lasted a very short time, and then he just p***** his career away. He didn’t live the life he should have led.

“You could sit with him right now and you’d think this guy’s totally been misunderstood, he’s a good bloke. I’m telling you, he’s very manipulative.”


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