Best Mike Tyson Quotes And Mike Tyson Quotes About Money


Though best known for sending a message with his fist, there are plenty of golden Mike Tyson quotes from throughout the legendary boxer and entertainer’s career and life.

Here are the best Mike Tyson quotes on social media, discipline, fighting and more to make you better understand the controversial figure—and how far he’s come in his life and work.

Best Mike Tyson Quotes
Mike Tyson Quotes on Social Media
1. “Social media made y’all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.”

Mike Tyson Quotes About Money
2. “Our money is bait money, and bait money is not to be used.”

3. “Sometimes I’d give my mother a hundred bucks and she wouldn’t pay me back. She didn’t respect me like that. I’d say, ‘You owe me some money, Ma.’ And she’d just say, ‘You owe me your life, boy. I’m not paying you back.’”

4. “It’s good to be successful and have financial status but if you’re only gonna live for the money, you’re only gonna reach a certain status and I’m in there for greatness and peace of mind.”


5. “Sometimes I put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets and beg for quarters.”

6. “That equals to being a fool, having fame and no fortune. A lot of guys out there have fame doing this and doing that, but they are broke.”

7. “If they don’t have that extreme addict personality, you can never understand how a guy can blow 300 or 400 million dollars. If I have to live at the top of the world, I also have to live at the bottom of the ocean. I don’t know how to live in the middle of life.”

8. “At one point, I thought life was about acquiring things. But as I get older, life is totally about losing everything.”

Mike Tyson Plane Quote
9. “I shouldn’t have done that, but I was irritated, tired, high and pissed off.”


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