Top 5 Boxers With The Strongest Punches In The World, From Mike Tyson To George Foreman


W: 55 (49 KOs), L: 6
Active: 1981-1998

Not an elite boxer but ‘The Hawk’ had two in-ring advantages: an immaculate flattop hairstyle and the ability to crush you with one punch. Jackson’s right-hand bomb to decimate Herol Graham – in a fight the British slickster was dominating – remains the sport’s ultimate one-hit turnaround demolition.

A 154lb and 160lb world champ, Virgin Islander Jackson dealt with Terry Norris and Buster Drayton in similar, sickening style: top-class fighters laid out cold after tasting his raw power.

W: 42 (41 KOs), L: 1, D: 1
Active: 2008-present

With respect to Naoya Inoue and Gervonta Davis, only one active fighter belongs on this list. Wilder’s elastic, otherworldly power is made even more amazing by the fact that, despite his 6ft 7in height, he’s skinny by modern heavyweight standards yet can ruin far larger men.

He boasts a 93 per cent KO ratio and only two foes have ever gone the distance: Bermane Stiverne (KO1 in the rematch) and Tyson Fury (who’s tasted the canvas twice). Would be even higher if he could actually box. Don’t tell him we said that.

W: 50 (44 KOs), L: 5
Active: 1985-2005

Nobody has a better highlight reel of dazzling KOs than the brooding, menacing ‘Iron Mike’. Optimistically listed as 5ft 11in, Tyson specialised in wrecking taller heavyweights with his speed, aggression, footwork and spiteful combinations.


Some opponents seemed defeated before the first bell (Michael Spinks lasted 91 seconds), although it’s also true that if you could survive the early rounds, Tyson became less and less effective. Pretty big “if” though, especially when Tyson was at his devastating early peak.


W: 76 (68 KOs), L: 5
Active: 1969-1997

The sheer, thudding, blunt-force trauma of Foreman’s blows led to two jaw-dropping heavyweight title changes. In 1973, Foreman knocked the great, undefeated Joe Frazier down six times in two rounds with a series of monster hooks and uppercuts.

Then 21 years later, Foreman’s right hand laid out another unbeaten champ in Michael Moorer. The scary part? The 46-year-old Big George didn’t even seem to torque his full force behind the punch. Power that we have never seen before or since.

W: 66 (52 KOs), L: 3
Active: 1934-1951

“Like someone jammed an electric lightbulb in your face,” said James J Braddock of being hit by Louis. And Braddock was talking about his jab. Heavyweight king Louis, the best pure finisher in boxing history, caused damage with either fist.

Max Schmeling, the first man to beat Louis was mauled in the rematch, left howling in pain with broken bones in his back. The fight lasted just over two minutes. That was one of 25 successful world title defences Louis made, 22 ending inside the distance. Ouch.


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