Why Say Muhammad Ali Was Way Ahead Of His Time Looking Back From 2021


Muhammad Ali, considered by many as the greatest fighter that ever lived, could be still one of the greatest people that ever lived too.

He stood up for injustice during his time and was prepared to give up his boxing career that he loved dearly for a cause of his time. When he refused to go overseas to fight in a war he percevied as injust.

He was not liked at the time for it but in the end, people saw where he was coming from. That’s the thing with people that call things early. They are not fully understood until a while after.

People never mention that Ali was not particularly liked at all for a while. He didn’t care though. He only ever cared enough. Not too much. Not too little.

After three and half years of exile on his own away from boxing eventually he would comeback. He shocked the world to defeat George Foreman when he did.

When one thinks about today’s times there is a great quote from Ali that still rings true:

“I don’t trust anyone who’s nice to me but rude to the waiter. Because they would treat me the same way if I were in that position.”

Ali understood that God didn’t care about his boxing accomplishments. You see, Ali understood and saw through things early before he got older in life. He knew that what God cared about was how people treated one another and were civil, and considerate of one another.


No matter race, religion or creed.

Whether a CEO or a cleaner on the sidewalk, how you speak and treat people really does matter.

Ali was not perfect either.

During his lifetime he always checked himself to try to be a better man than he was yesterday. His Muslim faith was a catalyst for his behavior as he progressed.

Regarding the above quote from Ali however, heck of a guy Ali, but what we will say is this. It works the other way around too.

Where, one can’t idolize or over praise or put people on pedicles. Because of their position or fame whether celebrities, politicians in government and so forth..

Societies around the world are expressing this to governments in different nations. In different ways due to the world situation.

Even if you are dealing with civil servants who may not have the best knowledge or intelligence, it is still important to be kind and patient to them. Remember they are just people too and there is no need to curse at them or what have you.

Most of them or any workers in governments at the moment in different countries, whether police or army of whatever, are just doing their best for the most part. That’s all anyone can do. Although they don’t not know it yet, they need to be protected too. There are respectful ways you can educate them and help them to improve things.


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