Chris Jericho on His Storyline and Working With Mike Tyson


Chris Jericho is one of Aew’s Top Stars and he recently spoke about working with Mike Tyson and Being in control of his own storylines. Chris Jericho is a former WWE superstar and one of the reasons why he left WWE was because he was not in charge of the storylines.

That is one of the reasons why he left. He stated that he is more interested in his own storyline these days instead of focusing on other people’s storylines like he used to in the past.

Chris Jericho On Working on His Own Storylines and Working With Mike Tyson
“I’m pretty much in charge of my storyline, as far as keeping that going and trying to just get the maximum out of what I’m doing with whoever I’m working with,” Jericho said.

“If you think about MJF and Jericho and the Inner Circle and Pinnacle, we started this in September. And there’s still a long way to go with that. All of that was kind of in my mind, then working with MJF a bit, working with Tony Khan and figuring out how to extend the story, keep it exciting and keep it moving.

So that’s a full-time job as it is. “If I was ever asked I would more than be happy to help others out. There are times where I am asked. But if I’m not asked, then I’ve got too much to worry about on my own in keeping everything sp inning.


Cause now I’ve got eleven guys to worry about. I’ve got six guys in the Pinnacle and five guys in the Inner Circle. Then you throw Mike Tyson into the mix, which was a last-minute thing. So anything we’re intersecting with I have to keep an eye on it and keep control of it as much as I can.


He also stated that he loves working with Mike Tyson as AEW doesn’t really plan his storylines or what he will do. “I love working with Mike,” Chris Jericho said. “I’ve been working with him for ten years, probably half a dozen times at this point.

You never know what you’re going to get with Mike. I said to him last week ‘Mike, you’re the best at being Mike Tyson. So just be Mike Tyson.’ There’s no real planning with Mike. He just kind of does what he wants, which is why we like having him.

Especially on a live show, he does what he wants. He goes all over the place. Last week Mike was going to come down and make the save. It was like ‘Mike’s going to run in and he’ll…’ And I was like “no, no.

Mike doesn’t run in.’ He’ll never run in cause he’s never run in to a ring in his life. He’s a boxer; he walks to the ring with a swagger. And when he gets there, maybe he’ll throw a punch, maybe he won’t.

He might stand there or he might knock you out. We kind of were planning on expecting the unexpected. Cause that’s what you get with Mike”.


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