Jim Ross Speaks About WWE Ever Wanting Mike Tyson to Wrestle


Jim Ross is a legendary WWE commentator, and he recently spoke about WWE ever wanting Mike Tyson to ever wrestle inside a WWE ring. It was one of the hot*est angles ever in the WWE, and it happened around 25 years ago. This was when Stone Cold was going to fight Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14.

During that feud, Mike Tyson was involved in the build up to that match. He was actually the special outside enforcer that night and Tyson was put into the feud during an episode of WWE Raw. The feud actually started during the Attitude Era and it also happened during the Monday Night Wars.

It actually led to the WWE get slightly better ratings than WCW eventually.

Jim Ross Talks About Why Mike Tyson Never Got Into a WWE Ring to Fight
The storyline suggested that Mike Tyson was actually on Shawn Michaels side.

However, that was entirely a ploy, and eventually Mike turned on Shawn during the match and sided with Stone Cold who became the new WWE Champion. Even though Tyson turning against Shawn was met with plenty of acclaim, many people wanted to see what would a match between Stone Cold and Mike Tyson would have looked like.


Jim Ross shared details about why the match never happened. “The bottom line is we never considered Mike to wrestle,” Jim Ross said during a recent episode of “Grilling JR.” “You’re not going to put an untrained brute in the ring with a guy that you’re counting on to lead the company who has a bad neck.


You’re just not going to do it, it’s a risk/reward scenario that’s out of proportion. Mike was never considered, at least to my knowledge.” Even though Mike Tyson is in the WWE Hall of Fame as he has appeared for WWE a number of times, he has never officially fought a professional wrestling match.

He also appeared in AEW and confronted Chris Jericho, which led many to believe that he would actually fight in AEW. Jim Ross stated that the idea of bringing Tyson in the ring could have mentioned during meetings.

Ross simply stated that the WWE wanted more eyes on the Michaels vs Stone Cold match at WrestleMania 14, and that is why they brought Mike Tyson in. Mike Tyson being in a match was never actually a plan for the WWE at all.


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