Mike Tyson Responds Perfectly When Asked If He Could Beat 20-Year-Old Muhammad Ali


Mike Tyson forged a reputation as one of the most ferocious fighters on the planet during his reign at the summit of the sport, while Ali became known as the slickest operator ever to grace the squared circle with unparalleled speed and footwork for his size.

Fight fans have spent years debating whether Iron Mike would have been able to defeat The People’s Champion when each was at their prime.

During a recently-resurfaced interview, Tyson addressed the question, answering in perfect style.

“Everything that we have, he supersedes us in, even our arrogance and our ego” Tyson explained.


“He’s fast but he really doesn’t have any great quality that you could really see besides his agility.


“He was not afraid to let punches fly. But other than that, he never threw a body punch in his life.

“He doesn’t have good defence, his speed was his defence.

“Ali was a f****** animal. He looks more like a model than a fighter but what he is, he’s like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a pretty face.

“He’ll take you in deep waters and drown you, he’s very special.

“The best in the world. Nobody beats him.”


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