Gervonta Davis Recently Claimed To Be More Skilful In A Boxing Ring Than Mike Tyson


Gervonta Davis recently asserted that he is a better boxer than Mike Tyson, and he isn’t going to change his mind.

Fans have been intrigued by Baltimore native Gervonta Davis’ knockout prowess (26 from 28 fights), as well as his defense, movement, and capacity to routinely defeat bigger opponents.

It reminds me a lot of what Mike Tyson, aka “The Baddest Man on the World,” was renowned for in his prime.


Mike Tyson has branded the young star a ‘future legend’ in the past, however caught ‘Tank’s attention when he later said that the only comparison to be made between them was ‘trouble with the law.’

The 28-year-old took to social media to respond by saying he had more skills than the heavyweight legend, and a debate ensued between fans.

Davis has now doubled down on that view, telling Fight Hub TV that it was far from a slight on ‘Iron’ Mike – no heavyweight could match him for technique.

“I think I do have more skills than Mike Tyson. When I say that I’ve got more skills than Mike Tyson, guys at a lower weight class – it’s no heavyweight ever, in life, that had more skills than smaller guys. So let’s just take that out the picture.”


“When people think that I’m dissing Mike Tyson, I’m not dissing Mike Tyson for sure. Facts is facts. I do feel as though I have more skills than him. I just hold that punching power like Mike Tyson did when he was fighting. And I’m gonna stand [by] my words.”

Davis boxes at 135lb, and is correct that, typically, the lower down the scales you go, the more skills and speed you see. Whatever Tyson thinks of the analysis, one thing’s for sure – he would comment the winner’s mindset.

‘Tank’ will have a chance to showcase those skills on April 22 in Las Vegas against Ryan Garcia, in what will be the biggest fight of his career so far.


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