No Tyson, No Title: Kevin Nash Is Outraged By Lost The Wwe Title After Refusing To Box Mike Tyson


Roman Reigns is currently on a run with the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship that will go down in history whether you like it or not.

The longest reign with a World Title in WWE for 35 years. While it still would have been impressive, it turns out the gap between years-long World Title runs in WWE wouldn’t have been quite as long had Kevin Nash agreed to box Mike Tyson in Central Park.

Boxing Mike Tyson In Central Park
Tyson is best known in WWE circles for his involvement with Stone Cold and DX during the build to WrestleMania 14. There have been stories about promotions trying to get Tyson on board before then, including a new tale from Nash who claims Vince McMahon wanted him to box the former World Champion in Central Park, and he took the title from him for effectively refusing to do so.


“He starts telling me about this idea he had where I’m going to box Mike Tyson in Central Park,” Nash revealed on Kliq This (H/T to for the transcription). “I said to him ‘Mike Tyson will knock me the fuck out. He could conceivably kill me’ … I said, ‘I’m not fucking fighting him for less than five million dollars’.”

Kevin Nash Recent
No Tyson, No Title
“We go back and forth. Then he clears his throat and says, ‘By the way, you’re going to drop the belt to Bret [Hart] at Survivor Series’.”

Nash previously claimed McMahon had told him he would be WWE Champion for years, potentially going on a similar run to the one Reigns is on right now. Nash was closing in on a year with the title at that time, stopping a week short of hitting that milestone when he lost to Hart at Survivor Series.


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