Do You Think Brock Lesnar In His Prime Would Do Well In The Sport Of Boxing? Can Conor Mcgregor Beat Brock Lesnar In An MMA Fight?


Brock Lesnar’s monumental strength is great for grappling and wrestling, but he’s not a good striker.

He tends to ‘muscle’ or ‘push’ his punches, there’s no speed or snap – which indicates real power.


And he doesn’t have the flexibility and balance to move and avoid punches .

I’m also not convinced about Brock’s ‘Chin’, he tends to ‘freeze’ or go down when hit – this is not good in a sport where it’s all striking based.

Brock Lesnar is a great fighter, you have to be special in order to be a UFC champion.

However boxing is an entirely different game, Brocks body type is desinged to control by using its weight, making takedowns and establishing position on the ground against an opponent, however Brock has little gas in his tank when it comes to striking he usually looks bad, even if Brock was at his prime I don’t see him beating Anthony Joshua, Luis Ortiz or even Deontay Wilder, he would gas out quickly, I could be wrong, but thats the most likely escenario.

However I respect Brock and acknowledge his MMA abilities, but boxing is an entirely different game.

Can Conor McGregor beat Brock Lesnar in an MMA fight?
Thank you for the request. First, let’s say this fight is tomorrow and we’ll compare the facts:

In the blue corner, a striker with a record of 21 wins, 3 losses. From Dublin, Ireland. Standing 5’9″ and weighing 155lbs, he is the former UFC featherweight champion of the world and current UFC lightweight champion of the world… Conor “the notorious” McGregor!


Amd in the red corner, a wrestler with a record of 5 wins, 3 losses and one no contest. Fighting out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, by way of Webster, South Dakota. Standing 6’3″ and weighing in at 265lbs. He is the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world… Brock Lesnar!


Let’s compare the pair: Brock is half a foot taller and more than 100lbs heavier (even if Conor came in at 170, Brock would have gone back to around 280 on fight day).

Brocks biggest strength is his wrestling. A former NCAA champ, Brock won’t let this fight stay on the feet for long. Even if Mystic Mac could land a shot, I doubt it would be enough to do anything to Lesnar. This one is going to the ground.

Now Conor is on his back with a dude twice his size on top. There’s no way he’s getting out, not with his lack of ground skills. BJJ black belt Frank Mir couldn’t get away from Brock so little Conor would have no chance.

Brock would smash Conor 99 times out of 100. I will allow that 1 time that Conor gets lucky, but that’s the outlier. It doesn’t happen.


Brock is too big for Conor and this sort of a freak show mismatch is why weight class is important.

Or Conor throws his wallet at Lesnar and crushes him to death.


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