Seth Rollins: Brock Lesnar’S Presence Is Capable Of Sending Shivers Down The Spines Of Grown-Ups


Because of his supremacy, Brock Lesnar intimidates his opponents. He has demonstrated his skill in the squared circle and the octagon. ‘The Beast’ commands a certain level of respect even when not engaged in combat. Seth Rollins, a WWE superstar, recently explained why he won’t allow him to be around his kid.

Few people in the industry have a reputation for being as vicious as he does. When recently asked about his child, Rollins mentioned “The Conqueror’s” name.

Seth Rollins brings up Brock Lesnar in response to a question about babysitting

‘The Architect’ recently participated in a quickfire Q and A session with NFL on ESPN. He was asked, “Who wouldn’t you let babysit your kids”?. Rollins responded instantly, “Wouldn’t let Brock Lesnar babysit my kids”. He added, “That’s terrifying”.

There won’t be many who would be surprised at the former Shield member’s response. Lesnar’s presence is capable of sending shivers down the spines of grown-ups. And one can only imagine what it could be like for the kids. Getting into his bad books is not advisable for anyone irrespective of their age.

There were many other intriguing questions that were posed to Rollins in the same interaction. And he was up for it with straight-up responses.


Rollins responded to some other interesting questions
The former US champion was asked about the perfect wrestlers based on various criteria. For the speed aspect, the former WWE champion picked up current SmackDown superstar Ricochet. On the basis of IQ, he answered in his usual cocky style, “Ah you are looking at him”.

Considering strength as a parameter Rollins chose ‘The Almighty’ Bobby Lashley. He didn’t have to look too far from his household as he picked his wife Becky Lynch for the best celebration. And chose ‘Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels and ‘The Wise Man’ Paul Heyman for the best walk-out music and trash-talking, respectively.

Seth Rollins isn’t alone but most of his peers would have come up with the name Brock Lesnar in response to the same question. Lesnar babysitting could have been a possibility in his previous Cowboy Brock gimmick. But his recent heel turn has meant that he has reverted to his usual aggressive self. Therefore, many would feel it’s a wise choice by Rollins.


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