Mike Tyson Shares Hilarious Story About ‘Creepy Geeky’ Multi-Billion Dollar Company Owners


Due to his reputation and excellent networking abilities, Mike Tyson has a large network of contacts. There are many influential people in their fields who can tell at least one story about Mike Tyson. And on occasion, he even attends the gatherings of multibillionaire business owners. And most recently, he discussed his feelings about the people he meets and then shared his open thoughts when he typically attends such parties in an episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson with Wiz Khalifa.


It was because of his networking and his communication skills, that Tyson has been able to open his own cannabis production company, which adds approximately, USD 500,000 every month to his bank account. So, Tyson is not only good at fighting, but he’s also one of the smartest boxers out there.

Tyson praises the “geeky” billionaires he gets to meet
Tyson talked about how he had been traveling a lot these days. He talked about how he was in five different places across the United States in just three days. And it wasn’t even for his company’s promotion, it was just meeting people and grabbing money to click some pictures with them.


Wiz Khalifa added that the people are really full of bliss to meet him. But then Mike Tyson stated that some of them really look like the people from the State Fair. They’re really “geeky” and there have been times when Tyson got creeped out. He said, “But they look like those upstate, State Fair guys, creepy geeky people.”


But ‘Iron’ Mike still considered them very beautiful, as he said, “They’re beautiful man. They’re beautiful, smart as a motherf*ker, it’s brains out of their a*.” Not long ago, Tyson’s pictures from a luxurious party went viral on the internet.

Mike Tyson reveals he was high during the event
Mike Tyson reveals that there have been times when he has attended the show while being under the influence of drugs. Then he shared one instance about an event and expressed his real thoughts. He said, “You know sometimes when I’m high, right? And I’m doing those pictures thing, and taking pictures with people in the line and there’s like a thousand people. In my mind says god damn what is this, how about some State Fair, shaking these bums’ hands.”

Then he gets hit by reality and he remembers that these guys are the owners of multi-billion dollar companies and all of them are important individuals. He then went on to talk about how much he respects these tech entrepreneurs.


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