“what is John Morrison doing in a boxing ring??” – WWE Fans Left Shocked After Seeing Former Superstar Dominate In Boxing


WWE fans were shocked to see former superstar John Morrison in the ring for an influencer-boxing event. The longtime wrestler, who has had multiple stints in the WWE, competed at Creator Clash 2 at Amalie Arena.


He took on YouTuber Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time inside the ring and looked incredibly dominant throughout. He walked to the ring with a hoard of wrestlers by his side including the likes of current superstars LA Knight, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett, as well as Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

He was also flanked by MMA legend Josh Barnett who looked to be coaching him during the bout.

Although he was absolutely dwarfed by the almost two metre tall Morenstein he managed to be on the front foot for almost the entirety of the bout.

It was clear that there was a gulf in combat sports class between Morrison and the amateur, despite it being the former WWE tag team champion’s first professional fight.

He even managed to knock his opponent down and through the ropes to the outside in the first round – a real Royal Rumble-like move. He eventually floored the big man with a huge right hand in the third round to score the knockout victory.

Wrestling fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the fight trending online and were even more impressed with how good Johnny looked.

One wrote: “Bro what is John Morrison doing in a boxing ring??”

Another said: “Did I just see John Morrison win a boxing match via KO??”

A third added: “John Morrison, knocking out the Epic Meal Time guy in a Youtube boxing match is definitely not something I’d ever thought I’d witness in my lifetime.”

A fourth noted: “John Morrison is boxing and has Josh Barnett as his coach I’m assuming. I would’ve never expected this at all.”



The 43-year-old wasn’t done making headlines in the influencer boxing world either, as he had a specific call-out he wanted to make after the fight.


Morrison said: “When I’m thinking about who to call out, Jake? Logan? No, Jake got beat, Logan got beat by KSI, which is why I’m going to put KSI on blast right now.”

One Twitter user summed up pretty much everyone’s feelings toward the whole ordeal.

They wrote: “Hold on. John Morrison had a boxing match, knocked the dude out and proceeded to call out KSI?! I’ve seen it all now.”

What an odd turn of events.

Speaking after the match, John said: “Boxing is different from wrestling and stunt choreo. I know how hard I worked. I know how hard Harley worked. I have all the respect in the world for that man.

“But there are some influencer boxers I have zero respect for. Jake Paul, Logan Paul. They make me sick. Overnight tough guys. The entire Misfits boxings.

“Jake Paul got beat. Logan got beat by KSI, which is why I’m going to put KSI on blast right now. You hear me? Come on.”

His brutal callout comes as KSI prepares for his next bout, a May 13 fight against undefeated boxer Joe Fournier, Metro reported.


KSI has yet to respond to the challenge offered out by five-time tag team champion Morrison, although the YouTuber did make an appearance at WWE’s Wrestlemania event.

Dressed as a bottle of Prime Energy and featuring alongside Logan Paul, the inclusion of KSI on the grandest stage of them all certainly turned a few heads.

It would appear Morrison was less than impressed with the pair and offered one of the so-called “influencer boxers” out for a fight.


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