Jake Paul Beat Up His “Biggest Hater” In $10,000 Sparring Bet Ahead Of Nate Diaz Fight


In an effort to avenge his loss to Tommy Fury in February, Paul has scheduled a bout with the former UFC fighter for August 5 in Dallas, Texas.

The Problem Child has been practicing in his headquarters in Puerto Rico, but his most recent opponent did not present much of a challenge.

In an episode of his YouTube series “BS with Jake Paul,” Paul and rapper Kill Jasper placed a hefty four-figure wager on how long the 6-1 fighter would remain in the ring with him.

Jasper was talking that talk, telling Paul, “I’m just here to whoop your a**, get my $10,000 and go home,” as well as rinsing him for being “fresh off a loss” after losing in Saudi Arabia.

But that lit a fire inside Paul, who fumed: “You know what’s crazy? I was going to go easy on him to be nice? But the more he talks s*** the more I want to hit him. I wasn’t going to punch him in the face, but now I’m going to punch him in the f***ing face.”



Jasper whacked on the gloves and protective headguard but he had had all the gear and no idea. Paul stalked him early on and nearly knocked him out of the ring with his first punch thrown.

That lead to Jasper sprinting around the ring and even throwing kicks to try and protect himself. He was sent to the canvas on multiple occasions before jumping out of the squared circle.


He jumped back in at Paul’s request and tried to pick off some shots himself before eventually forfeiting.

Paul joked he got an ab workout as a result of all the laughing he was doing and thanked Jasper for “taking it easy”. He was declared the winner by “annihilation”.

Jasper is a member of Paul’s team and co-hosts his content on YouTube. Something tells us he won’t be stepping into the ring anytime soon, however.


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