Influencer Boxer Tom Zanetti Strangely Quits Midway Through Fight Because He ‘Couldn’T Be A***D’


Tom Zanetti unexpectedly quit midway through his fight against Jarvis on Saturday night in London.


As part of the Kingpyn influencer boxing tournament, the pair met in a quarter-final clash at Wembley Arena.

While some believed Zanetti would find an early finish against Jarvis, the reality was quite different.

Jarvis survived the early stages without any problems and slowed his opponent down with body shots.

As a result of this, Zanetti turned away and quit in the third round of the five-round fight.

His team then threw the towel in to confirm the end of the contest.

In reaction, Zanetti told Fred Talks Fighting: “Well to be honest I never once said I wanted to win.



“I came here to have fun. I enjoyed it, it was a great fight and Jarvis got it man, all props to him.

“It just came to a point where I just couldn’t be a***d, man.

“I had a good go and then I thought, ‘It’s getting a bit boring this, I fancy going for a bit of dinner now, I’m starving.’”

He added: “I could’ve probably done another round, but obviously I was gassed and it’s all a bit of fun.

“It is what it is, well done Jarvis.”


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