Mike Tyson Isn’T 100 Percent Done With Boxing, The 56-Year-Old Told Us, “I Could Be Persuaded.”


Mike Tyson isn’t 100 percent done with boxing … the former heavyweight champ — who last fought Roy Jones Jr. in 2020 — tells TMZ Sports he’s still open to fighting again if the price is right.

We spoke with the boxing legend this month about a potential rematch with Jones Jr. — who just lost to former UFC star Anthony Pettis on April 1 — and he didn’t close the door on a return to the ring against the Hall of Famer at all.

In fact, the 56-year-old told us, “I could be persuaded.”

Then, when we asked about another possible rematch, one that would pit him against his former rival, Evander Holyfield — Tyson said the same thing.



Iron Mike wouldn’t reveal the dollar figure that it would take to persuade him to agree to future bouts with the boxing legends … though he did say he has been recently approached by people in Saudi Arabia who want “me to do this stuff too.”


“I don’t know,” he said … before adding, “When I see the money people for the end of the product, my mind works clearer. I can’t express myself right now financially.”

Tyson fought Jones Jr. in a wildly successful exhibition match back in 2020. He also fought Holyfield twice in two memorable tilts in 1996 and 1997, but lost both bouts.

Tyson had previously agreed to an exhibition match with Holyfield in 2021, but negotiations fell through.

Tyson certainly made it seem like he could be swayed into rekindling talks … fingers crossed!


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