Mike Tyson Pays Tribute To ‘White Family’ Who Adopted Him At The Age Of 13 Changed His Life Forever: “I’D Die For Them”


In a recent episode of his podcast, Mike Tyson spoke about the impact his adoptive family had on his life. He revealed how he would do anything for them. The family, whose name Tyson did not disclose, provided him with a home and a sense of belonging. Moreover, he spoke about how he didn’t see his adoptive family as “white” but rather as a loving family who had his back no matter what.

“A white family adopted me when I was 13. So um, I didn’t even look at them as, you know they’re white right? They showed and they’re down with you they would fight for you, they’d die for you, and you know, I’d die for them too. That’s just what it is with family. Some people, we make our own family,” he said.


For Tyson, the love and support he received from his adoptive family made all the difference in his life. It gave him the stability he needed to pursue his dreams and become the boxing legend he is today. Tyson’s tribute to his adoptive family serves as a reminder of the importance of family, regardless of race or ethnicity.


When Mike Tyson detailed how his real mother scared him to death
In his book The Undisputed Truth, Tyson opened up about his difficult childhood. Moreover, he admitted to being scared of his family, particularly his mother, due to their tendency to fight and harm one another.


“That is the kind of life I grew up in. People in love cracking their heads and bleeding like dogs. They love each other but they’re stabbing each other. Holy sh*t, I was scared to death of my family in the house. I’m growing up around tough women, women who fight men,” he said.

Tyson’s description of his difficult childhood underscores the importance of a loving and stable environment for a child’s development. His experience highlights the lasting impact traumatic experiences can have and the power of a supportive adoptive family in providing a sense of safety and stability.

In the realm of boxing, Mike Tyson is well-known for his powerful blows and commanding presence within the ring. However, Tyson also has a compelling personal narrative outside of sports. Tyson was a struggling teenager at the age of 13 with no prospect of a secure future. When he was adopted by a white family who gave him the love and encouragement he required to achieve, everything changed.

Tyson had a challenging childhood while growing up in Brooklyn. Because of his mother’s drug addiction issues, “Iron” Mike turned to a life of crime as a young man. Despite this, the ex-champion was able to find love and affection in the individuals who ultimately formed his family.


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