Not Muhammad Ali, This Is The Legend That Inspires Mike Tyson Which He Likened To Ballet Dancers In The Ring


Mike Tyson’s love for Muhammad Ali is very well-known among all boxing fans. But it seems like his love extends to the fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, etc. Tyson loves boxing above all and he holds nothing back while praising Ray Robinson and his dedication.

Tyson was amazed that Robinson had so many fights as an amateur that by the time he became professional, he was already touted as a hot prospect.

Mike Tyson and Tommy Davidson talk about the golden age of boxing

During a recent episode of Mike Tyson’s podcast, comedian and actor Tommy Davidson discussed the legendary boxer Sugar Ray Robinson and his great impact on the sport. Davidson mentioned some great boxers from the 1980s era like Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Durán, Wilfred Benítez, and Thomas Hearns, remarking on how these fighters all wanted to face each other rather than just chase after money.

Tyson has previously complained about today’s boxers not taking as many fights as they should. He even compliments Jake Paul on trying to fight higher-level opponents. Tyson said that it was beneficial for boxing in general as it is bringing a new audience.

Mike Tyson shared his own experience of meeting Muhammad Ali and feeling inspired to become a fighter. He said, “Listen I met Ali and I just wanted to be a fighter, right? But I didn’t know if I could really do it but I wanted to do it“. He was particularly drawn to the thrilling back-and-forth bouts between Roberto Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard, which he likened to ballet dancers in the ring.


He said, “That’s when Durán and Leonard I, ooh that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to do that for the rest of my life, I said“.

The fights of these legends inspired Tyson in the truest sense and helped him reach where he is now. Recently, he even mentioned that he wanted to be like “those guys” who “can beat you to death”.

Tyson talks about the common misconception about Leonard

Tommy Davidson agreed, noting that it’s often the second fight between two boxers where their true abilities shine through. The adjustments they make, both in terms of strategy and mindset, can make all the difference. It can often be seen that after the first fight, both boxers usually have a mutual understanding of the other through real-life practice.

Tyson then gave props to Sugar Ray Leonard, stating that the boxer was often underestimated due to his good looks and charm, but was actually a fierce competitor. This conversation highlights the enduring legacy of boxers like Robinson, Duran, Leonard, and others, who continue to inspire and captivate fans of the sport to this day.


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