Dwayne Johnson Faces Nightmare $3 Billion Lawsuit As Former Wwe Star Says The Rock “Conspired” To Kidnap Her And Her Kids


Dwayne Johnson is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Famous by his ring name The Rock, he entered the wrestling world in 1996 and won numerous championships and rewards over the years.

The Mummy Returns star is a 10-time world champion and a two-time Intercontinental Champion. He is also a 2000 Royal Rumble winner and WWE’s sixth Triple Crown champion. He is truly a legend in the wrestling world as well as the entertainment industry.

Dwayne Johnson and some other wrestlers who made their name in the entertainment industry, including The Miz, The Bella Twins, and Maryse are in legal trouble. As per reports, a former WWE pro wrestler has filed a lawsuit against them.

Dwayne Johnson controversy
Former TNA Impact and WWE developmental star Trenesha Biggers filed a lawsuit back in October 2022. Rhaka Khan has filed it before the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. In the lawsuit, she claimed a conspiracy theory against her ongoing criminal cases in Texas.

In the lawsuit, she has named The State of Texas, The El Paso Child Protective Services, the FBI, The Las Cruces, New Mexico Police Department, The NYPD, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, New York ACS, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc as the defendants.

It further included Shirley Police Department, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Suffolk County NY. It also included names of numerous wrestling personalities, such as Dwayne Johnson, The Miz, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Heath Miller, and Mark Jindrak.


She also listed Panda Energy, Home Depot, FCW, NWA, NWA President Billy Corgan, Deep South Wrestling, Mick Foley, Jim Cornette, and even Michael Jordan and others.

In the lawsuit, she claimed that the listed defendants conspired to kidnap the plaintiff and her children. The defendants have not served anything till now, as the case did not move forward until recently.

Latest update in the lawsuit filed against Dwayne Johnson and others
As per a recent update on the lawsuit, in February, Trenesha Biggers asked to move forward with the lawsuit by pre-paying any court fees. Biggers’ lawsuit comprises 48 pages and claims to seek $3 billion in damages. Most of the lawsuits are in the name of the defendants.


However, it will be a tough case for Trenesha Biggers as the Texan court records show that Biggers still has a bench warrant out for the former TNA star. It is because she failed to appear in court in December 2022. She was charged with interference with child custody and being an aggravated kidnapping facilitator.

Biggers was last seen in the wrestling arena in 2011 for the Lucha Libre promotion and is yet to make a comeback in the ring.


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