“Horrible Idea”: WWE Legend Slams ‘Hypocrite’ Goldberg for Ripping Off Hulk Hogan

It’s a popular saying that age can never be a constraint for talent. And who is seen standing by these words is the 56-year-old WWE legend, Bill Goldberg. As the legend is still passionate about fighting and wants a proper retirement run. However, another WWE legend who questioned Goldberg’s retirement tour has indirectly labeled him a hypocrite.
Till now, the news of Goldberg’s decision about his retirement must be known to all wrestling fans. The legend is planning to hang his boots once and for all. But not without a proper send-off. That being said, he is also leaning toward a four-city retirement world tour that he might even promote himself. Ironically, years ago, he lambasted a similar plan of Hulk Hogan. Thereupon, Eric Bischoff questioned Goldberg’s recent choices.
Bischoff lambasts Bill Goldberg for his hypocrisy and retirement choice
Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff opened up on Goldberg’s tweet from 2009 about the Hulkmania tour in Australia. In the tweet, he said, “Zero plans to join Hogan’s Tour…..The old man wants all the $ for himself. Plus, 3 reality shows on tap.”
Bischoff said, “Why would you say that? I mean, Hulk Hogan was the reason that Bill Goldberg ended up making a lot of money.”
It’s pretty clear that Bischoff was disappointed in Bill Goldberg for his disparaging remarks about Hulk Hogan after it appears like the former World Heavyweight champion is following in the footsteps of Hogan for his retirement tour.
And on that matter as well, Eric Bischoff made his opinion heard. He said, “I don’t know what his motivation is. Maybe somebody’s talking to him. Maybe he’s got partners that are really excited about this. I don’t know. What a horrible idea.”
However, he seems to be ready to have a conversation on the same with Goldberg
67-year-old WWE legend wants to be a consultant for Goldberg
A few days back, Bill Goldberg was quoted as saying that Vince McMahon made a promise that he failed to keep. And then he also showed his desire for a self-promoted retirement tour.
To this, the former general manager of RAW at first referred to Bill Goldberg that if he wants, he should call him so that Bischoff can be his consultant. He also mentioned how he won’t charge him anything for his advice. Adding to that, he said, “And let me explain to you all the reasons why you don’t want to do it, Bill.”
With every statement of Eric Bischoff on Goldberg’s retirement tour, his strong opinion on it gets more clear. However, what the latter decides to do still remains all up to him. Let’s see if and when fans get to witness, the final matches of Bill Goldberg before he hangs his boots.

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