Brock Lesnar Says Much Of WWE’S Young Promising Talent Fail To Get Over. But He’S Wrong


This week Brock Lesnar visited the Pat McAfee show. However, there was one point of the interview where Brock Lesnar came off as extremely ignorant. “I’m looking at all these young kids,” Lesnar began, “somebody needs to step up!” When McAfee inquired as to what he meant, Brock elaborated. “Meaning ‘get over’. Ya know, figure out how to put f****** asses in seats.”

Get Over? Easy For Brock To Say
A few short months into Brock Lesnar’s young career, he was pushed to the moon. He was paired with one of the best orators in the business in Paul Heyman. He was crowned The King of the Ring. And, the cherry on top: at the young age of twenty-five, Brock Lesnar defeated The Rock to become the WWE Champion on one of the company’s biggest PPVs. Vince McMahon had created a monster (in more ways than one).

Brock rarely does jobs, he comes and goes as he pleases, and for the most part – he calls his shots. Undoubtedly, Brock was a freak of nature. His physical presence was something to marvel at. But, Brock’s hard and swift push would set the tone for the entirety of his career. Lesnar would have the ball in his court for significant career decisions from that point forward.

Vince wanted Brock at the top, and he kept him at the top. McMahon also likes to take credit for “creating” the Beast Incarnate. When a star is born under the WWE umbrella, they will push that wrestler until they can’t walk anymore (i.e., Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan).

The Dichotomy Of Roman Reigns
For years, WWE tried to push Roman Reigns to the top of the mountain. For years, Reigns was booed out of the building. WWE fans were not buying Roman as the “next big thing.” However, WWE stayed persistent, and after a handful of failed attempts, Roman finally got over with the crowd… albeit as a heel.


Currently, Roman Reigns is at the top of the company, acting as its biggest star (perhaps second to Brock Lesnar), but that’s because WWE spent nearly a decade working on new angles and fresh ways to get him to appeal to the WWE universe. The company rarely, if ever, gives a wrestler that many opportunities to “get over.” If not for Vince’s tunnel vision or his relationship to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Roman Reigns may be the Head Of The Table of Impact Wrestling.

WWE Has Set Back Budding Stars
In a recent interview, Mustafa Ali said that he was initially slated to win the 2019 Money In The Bank ladder match, but plans changed due to the surprise return of Brock Lesnar. Brock won the match and thus began his fourteenth push in his twenty-year career. Despite fans’ admiration for Ali’s talent and in-ring prowess, he was then booked into oblivion. Ali is now in a stalemate with the company as they refuse to grant him his requested release.

In 2021, fans finally got the moment they were waiting for; Big E in the main event picture. Fans had been salivating for a Big E singles run for years, and at long last, E earned the WWE Championship. Unfortunately, the party didn’t last long, as Big E dropped the title a few months later to… you guessed it, Brock Lesnar.

These are two examples of would-be stars, potential ticket sellers who were already “over” with the crowd but knocked back down a peg for… well, not being Brock Lesnar.


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