Did Randy Orton Have His Skull Split By Brock Lesnar For Mocking The Giant Star?


WWE Star Randy Orton admits he is still “p***** off” that Brock Lesnar battered him unconscious in their SummerSlam clash and left him a bloody mess in the centre of the ring.

Just weeks after Lesnar was revealed to be a drug cheat after beating Mark Hunt in their UFC 200 clash and failing a test, he battered Orton with a torrent of elbows to the skull that split open The Viper’s head and caused the referee to jump in and halt the fight.

Orton – who had been goading the hulking star over his drugs bust – had to spend three weeks out of action as he recuperated from the humiliating attack and he is still seething at the way the match was handled.

WWE star Chris Jericho almost had a genuine fight with Lesnar backstage for the sickening assault he mounted on Orton and the issue is clearly still lingering.

Orton told USAToday: “The fact that I had a concussion and was out for three weeks and wasn’t able to do anything p***** me off.


“We say this a lot in the back when someone gets hit harder than intended, we knew what we were signing up for. It’s a rough sport.


“It’s a rough business and very physical. A few more people need to respect how things can go sour out there.”

Lesnar faced no punishment from WWE over his drugs bust as he is only part time on the roster and did not fail any tests in their wellness programme.

And Orton feels the way the company allows The Beast to pick and choose his events and batter some of the most loyal talents, makes a mockery of their hard work.

He added: “I think with Lesnar, it’s always going to be him coming in every few months as a monster who destroys guys who work 200 days a year.

“There is a tendency for that to get old.

“I could have looked a little better that night and that would have helped me a lot regardless of the finish and not hurt Brock’s character at all.”


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