Brock Lesnar Wins Hearts After Cody Rhodes Sent Him ‘Flying’ From A Punch During WWE RAW: ‘That Was Amazing’


It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that since his debut in WWE, Brock Lesnar has carved out a legacy for himself. There has never been a dull moment when he was around. Even his betrayal and the brutal beating of Cody Rhodes thrilled fans with what was upcoming. And now, being on the other side as well, Lesnar has managed to impress fans.

Cody Rhodes took down Brock Lesnar from behind in WWE RAW
On the Draft edition of WWE RAW, when The Conquerer cut a promo while taking a sly jibe at The American Nightmare, the situation turned around soon. Rhodes came out of nowhere and took down Lesnar from behind. But before the former could do anything, the WWE security guards surrounded him.

However, in this entire scenario, what caught the attention of fans was the selling of Rhodes’ punch by Lesnar. Even though it wasn’t the first time that the former WWE Heavyweight Champion did it but this was highly appreciated by fans over the internet. Not only them, the crowd present in the arena also expressed their delight at the moment which highlighted their sheer enthusiasm.

The Beast Incarnate amazed fans with his selling of the punch
After the segment between The Prince of Pro Wrestling and The Beast Incarnate aired, the WWE posted a clip from it on its Instagram page. And once fans had a glance at it, they couldn’t resist but praise the 10-time world champion for selling the punch.


Here is the list of some of the best comments that caught our attention;

“That sell was amazing 😭“

“Brock is the best seller“

The WWE enthusiasts were stunned to see how Brock Lesnar flew after getting the punch. According to them, it was undoubtedly, a great sell.

“Bro went flying from a punch😭”

“That sell🔥 bro went flying from a punch lol”

Out of concern, a fan even asked if Lesnar’s face was okay as the taping also shows a little bleeding on his face.

“Brock your face feels good?”

For some, it was hilarious as a single hit by Cody Rhodes took down The Beast in no time.

“One hit?! Damn Brock you selling for Cody like that?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“Brock sold that punch 😂”

Whatever The Beast Incarnate did on Raw, for some it appeared to be a push for Cody Rhodes. However, we shouldn’t forget that Lesnar still wants an opportunity to be a champion all over again. Now, it remains to be seen if he can come out of WWE Backlash as the winner or The American Nightmare will be crowned.


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