Mike Tyson Warned Against Staying In This Capital City For More Than 2 Weeks: “You Want To Shoot Yourself In The Leg”


Mike Tyson, a former heavyweight champion, has visited many countries. The 56-year-old is very experienced when it comes to living in various nations and fighting there in front of various crowds. He also knows folks who have traveled to locations he hasn’t and who are willing to share their stories on his podcast.

Additionally, it appears that a recent podcast guest had an intriguing time while in this city. Even the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ was astounded by what his guest had to say about this location.

Ne-Yo, an American musician, actor, and singer, appeared with the former heavyweight champion on a recent edition of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. Ne-Yo revealed a disturbing story about the nation’s capital.

Yo believes that Prague is a lovely place “for about two weeks”

On a recent podcast episode, the singer shared his experience in Prague with the hosts of the show. And, he recollected how Prague is a great place to be in for about “4 weeks”. And, it is safe to say that Tyson was more than surprised to hear about this side of the city other than the breathtaking landscapes and views.


Ne-Yo said, “They had us living like they were really living back then, so it’s cold; it’s snow.” The actor was referring to the time he was in the city for shooting. He further talked about the hard living conditions he and his peers had to experience in order to get ready for the role.

He said, “They got us in like a bunker the, the beds is just wood and wood and cotton-like the food like we eating uh it’s like slop .” It seems unclear what movie the 43-year-old is referring to.

He added, “It was an experience. I say that I say that yeah Prague is a lovely place for about two weeks four months in you you want to shoot yourself in the leg.”

It seems like Ne-Yo had an odd experience in the city and not something Tyson or anyone must have been expecting.


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