Mike Tyson, The 56-Year-Old Revealed A Startling Fact About Incarcerated Japanese Women


Despite not having completed high school, Mike Tyson has traveled much and has a wealth of knowledge about the real world. The previous heavyweight champion has served a sizable period of time behind bars. He has interacted with violent offenders who are incarcerated. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Tyson is aware of the conditions within the prison.

Ne-Yo, an American singer-songwriter and actor, appeared as the podcast’s latest guest. Ne-Yo warned Tyson not to stay in a city for longer than two weeks during their conversation, among other things. The topic of Japan’s beauty was discussed by Tyson and his guest. Mike chimed up with a startling statistic regarding the number of women prisoners in the nation. And the typical offense that the majority of jailed women in the nation have done.

Mike Tyson talks about a different side of Japan
While on the podcast, Ne-Yo shared his experience of the country and how much he likes the people over there. He said that he likes how everyone in Japan takes a lot of pride in what they do and has a lot of respect for that. But, in contrast, Tyson gave the singer an insight with a revelation.


Tyson said, “highest percent of women in prison, in Japan, are in there for killing their husband.” Tyson further explained saying, “Like, say in the 80s, they weren’t treated on an equal pedestal, women, in Japan.” He also talked about how a man could “kick” a woman for accidentally bumping into him.

According to Tyson, the reason for this is the gender disparity and how men used to treat women in the early 80s. Despite hearing this from Tyson, Yo’s love and respect for Japan did not budge. And he clarified that he loves the country and how people over there carry themselves.

He also clarified that, according to him, such conditions are not prevalent anymore in the country. He said, “I ain’t seen that. I ain’t seen to go down like that. I don’t think it’s that over there anymore.” Ne-Yo also stated that besides the US, he would love to stay in Japan.

It should be noted that Tyson talked about the times of 1980s and there is no indication that such treatment of women still continues in the country.


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